Valentine’s Day Traditions You Should Start This Year

Valentine’s Day Traditions to Start This Year


Valentine’s Day, one of the single most-divided holidays of the year. You either love it or you hate it. But there’s no reason  why this holiday can’t be one that you enjoy regardless of your relationship status. People put too much emphasis on pairing off and doing something so traditionally romantic that they can’t enjoy a great chance to make some memories with your friends and family.

Here are four great Valentine’s Day traditions for you to try out this year.

1. Family/Friend Dance

In my house growing up, when the 14th rolls around, everyone would get a little dressed up and then each of the men would get a small box of chocolates and maybe a flower for the girls in the family. The men would then go outside, stand on the porch and ring the doorbell. After we each gave one of the women in the family the chocolates and flowers, we would clear some space in the living room and turn on some music. We had so much fun being goofy and dancing around. Even now when most of us are away from home we still send videos of us dancing to the family on Valentine’s Day.

2. Get Crafty

Grab some construction paper in various shades of red and pink and some small candies. Find someone who could use a pick-me-up, or someone you want to show your affection to. Cut out different sized hearts, write a bunch of cute and cheesy messages on them, and tape them with the candies on their door or car or just wherever they will find them.

It’s a fun activity and a fun way to remind somebody that you are thinking of them that day.


3. Group Dates

We know all too well that your relationship status isn’t always what you want it to be when February rolls around. If you find yourself in that boat, gather a group of friends that are there too and plan a group date. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and everyone can go into the evening with the understanding that this is a group of friends just having fun. That way you can be as mushy and cheesy as you want throughout the night and not worry about misread intentions. Have a couple’s cook-off, see who can write the cheesiest love poem, or go crazy with the games and chocolates! Whatever you can think of to make the holiday fun.

4. Blanket Fort Movie Night

For those of us that have someone special to share the day with, nothing sounds better than being able to bunker down and cuddle the night away while enjoying a movie. What makes this such a fun holiday tradition is the blanket fort. Spend some time having fun building the fort. Don’t have that be an activity that needs to be done before the night begins, make it the big activity of the night. Make it fancy, add lights and different features, give it tons of pillows, and make sure that the television makes it INSIDE the fort with you. When the fort is completed, pick your favorite movie and settle down for a great evening with someone special.

Valentine’s Day is a great chance to have some good-natured fun whether you are in a relationship or not. Make some memories, start some traditions, and begin to look forward to that most divided day of the year.

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