Ideas for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Party

5 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas


Valentine’s Day is one of those “love it or hate it” holidays. Some people really like the fact that there is red, white, and pink everywhere, and they adore the celebration of love. Others see the holiday as a pointless day that makes people think that they have to spend lots of money on things to let their significant other know that they’re loved. If you’re single, you probably treat it as any other day.

I, however, happen to be a fan of Valentine’s Day (although I can totally see why someone would think it’s a dumb holiday), and I don’t think that you have to be in a relationship to celebrate it. Love doesn’t just have to be between partners! It can also be found with your friends, and this Valentine’s Day you can show your friends some love by throwing them a party! Here are five ideas you can use to throw your own Valentine’s Day party for your BFFs:

  1. But first, drinks

To start the party, mix up a nice strawberry Rosé champagne cocktail. A bottle of your favorite Rosé champagne, strawberries, ice, and strawberry simple syrup is all you need to make this pretty pink drink. If you and your friends don’t drink, no worries! You can still enjoy this pretty little “mocktail” non-alcoholic cosmopolitan.

  1. Find/make the perfect playlist

Every great party has an awesome music selection. Spotify has some Valentine’s Day-themed playlists available, but you can also choose to make your own. In the spirit of the holiday, try to put together the corniest, love-crazy songs you can find and you’ll have your very own Valentine’s Day playlist.

  1. You can’t forget about the food

Another great thing about parties? Food! Pinterest is a great place to find cute and delicious snacks to make for your Valentine’s Day party. Put together a nice little cheese or fruit platter with heart-shaped foods, or use this “fries before guys” idea if your party has more of an anti-Valentine’s Day vibe.

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  1. Keep the decorations simple and stylish

We’re all adults now (kind of), so the decorations should show that. To keep your party from looking like a third-grade classroom’s Valentine’s Day, find a few cute and sophisticated pieces to place around the room(s). Mixing and matching red and pink items with white decorations will look festive and romantic without looking like too much. Adding hints of gold will also elevate the sophisticated feel of your V-day party!

  1. And lastly, the party favors

To make your Valentine’s Day party extra special, why not give your girls some cute party favors to take home? This party mug has chocolate, bath bombs, and skin care items inside which your friends are sure to love. Your girls will definitely feel the love after receiving homemade these party favors.


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