Up and Coming Artists of 2016

Up and Coming Artists of 2016


With a new year comes new music. This year, you’ll want to be on the lookout for great new bands and artists across all genres that I’m predicting are going to make their break this coming year. Here are a few to look out for during 2016.

Frances (@Frances_Music)

A young girl out of London has started making a name for herself in the UK. She is touring around Europe this year, and even playing at Coachella. Not only do you have plenty of opportunity to see her live, but her songs are getting air time on BBC radio. It’s no wonder she is getting so much attention; she has a great sound, an amazing, light voice, and many of her songs are a mix between pop ballads and alternative, mixed with some electronic beats. Although she looks young, her music is not age-specific, giving her a bigger fan base than some artists set themselves up for.

Nao (@thisNAO)

Another girl out of the UK is ready to take the music scene by storm. Nao is nothing but unique; from her voice to her videos, you won’t be able to find anyone else like her. With almost 10,000 Twitter followers, you are bound to hear her being talked about soon. She just finished a small UK tour in December of 2015, and is planning to go around Europe starting in April 2016. This girl is on her way to becoming a big international sensation, just wait.

August Eve

She’s only seventeen, but don’t take that for granted. Her music has a very dark tone to it. She sounds much like Lana Del Rey. Her first single, “Ghost,” has a very dark tone and image to it. She has a bit of mystery to her voice that will leave you wanting to hear more.


An even younger singer/songwriter is getting ready to take the street. At only fifteen, her talents are way beyond her age. She has started establishing her songwriting career in Nashville, Tennessee, and it will not be long until she starts writing with the many great songwriters in Music City. I’m declaring it now: this girl has a very successful music career ahead of her.

Conrad Sewell (@ConradOfficial)

Coming from down under, this artist is starting to gain traction in the music industry. Conrad already has 33,000 Twitter followers, and his YouTube videos have over a million views. His music has a pop/club vibe to it that is bound to continue gaining the public’s attention. He is currently touring throughout the United States through the middle of February 2016. After a couple of tour dates, he will probably be what everyone is hearing when they go out.

Now you have it: the artists who everyone will not be able to get enough of this year. If you want to be the first one on this bandwagon, go ahead and purchase their music that is already out. Get ready to have another good year with even better music.

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