6 Types of People You Can Count on Seeing Out on Black Friday

The 6 Types of People You Meet on Black Friday


Everybody loves a good deal, and the best deals usually happen on Black Friday. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and it’s one of the busiest (if not the busiest) shopping days of the year in America. Many stores have huge sales to attract customers which, for most shoppers, kicks off the holiday shopping season.

If you’ve ever gone shopping on Black Friday, you know it’s an experience like no other. There are many types of people you will come across, and most of them are pretty…interesting. If you like a little people watching with your shopping, don’t forget to take a moment to look around.

Here are some stereotypical people you might encounter on Black Friday (and you might even be one of them):

1. The crazy people who stand outside in the cold for hours to have a good spot in line.

They want to be there before the store runs out of goods, so they come hours before the store opens. They might even have tents set up. They could be really excited, or they could be very grouchy and cold, but one thing’s for sure - they’re getting the deal they came for.

2. The grown adults acting like children.

In the stores and malls, you will always see grown adults pushing and shoving, as if they were starving and trying to get the last piece of bread in the world, although they’re really just getting a toy for their kid. Unfortunately, people have gotten hurt and even killed in the past. So be nice to people, and beware of the pushy or violent ones.

3. The person on a mission to get the one thing they came for and then leave as quickly as possible.

They don’t want to stand and chat, and they don’t care what other deals are going on. They get what they need and they leave. They probably have a lot of self-control and a deep hatred of crowds.

4. Christmas shoppers.

They get all their Christmas shopping done on this one day. They will have carts full of gifts for people and they might be out all day, but then they won’t have to worry about buying things for people the rest of the holiday season.

5. Kids sitting on the floor, staying out of the way as their parents shop.

Their moms probably dragged them along so they wouldn’t need a babysitter. I was in this category a few times , and on more than just Black Friday! I have sat on countless clothing store floors waiting outside the fitting room for my mom. Good luck, kids.

6. The employees!

You can’t forget that the workers at these stores are people too, so it’s good to be friendly on such a stressful, busy day for them. Some workers will be energetic and loving the busy crowds, but I think you will mostly see worn out, tired employees who are two hours overdue for a break. Try to send a little holiday cheer their way.

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