Difficult Job Interview Questions and Answers

Tough Job Interview Questions and Answers

Tough Job Interview Questions and Answers

Preparing for a job interview can be stressful enough but now you have to think about how you’re going to answer the most difficult interview questions. Keep reading to find out how to answer them!

What Makes You Unique?

You would think talking about yourself of all things should be easy right? Who knows you better than you do? This question can be pretty intimidating when it causes you to think why you're better than anyone else. In this case think of the question as, “what makes you, you?” Don't focus on giving a pageant answer. Look back at your own experiences and achievements because no one else has them but you.

What Are Your Weaknesses?

Remember that employers are not looking for someone who has never made a mistake. The key to this question is to turn your weakness into a positive. Skip the standard, “I'm a perfectionist" spiel and just be truthful. A good example answer to this question would be that you are unfamiliar with the latest software that the company uses. Do not give a weakness that is crucial to the company's mission and remember to demonstrate commitment to improvement in your answer.


What Motivates You?

Job interviewers want to know what makes you want to succeed. They want to find out if their job and company environment will fit in with your personality and skill set. It's a good idea to look over the company mission statement as well as the job description and match up skills and abilities. To answer this question, think about what has happened during our best days. When were you most looking forward to your days at work and when did you go home feeling excited? Feel free to use experiences from your previous jobs as examples.

Where Else Are You Interviewing?

Yes this is a question that some employers are not afraid to ask you, but they ask for a variety of reasons. One is reason is that they really like you and want to know if they have any competition looking to hire you. They might also be trying to figure out if you are focused on a set industry. Regardless of the reason, answer honestly without giving away too much information. The best way to answer this question is to explain that you are exploring other opportunities in x industry because you enjoy x, y, z.

How Do You Handle Stressful Situations?

Are you the type that works well under pressure? Does your creativity come out more when working in a challenging environment? If so, explain how and give examples from past experiences. Maybe you focus best when under stress. Or maybe you react to situations rather than let them stress you out. Think about experiences from the past and what has helped you then.

What If I Don't Have An Answer?

Even with all the preparing and rehearsing, it's normal to not have an answer right away. Employers like when you stop and think about the question because they want you to be truthful. Remember to be yourself, keep calm, and even ask for clarification if you need it. 

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