Top 5 Things Your Girlfriend Really Wants for Valentine's Day

Top 5 Things Your Girlfriend Really Wants for Valentine's Day


A cellophane-wrapped box of chocolates from CVS may not scream “romance,” but you know what does?  Knowing your girlfriend.  If she’s good with a stuffed animal and a bouquet of roses, cool.  But every woman is different, and for some, the key to her heart may be exactly what you think Valentine’s Day is about.  You get the picture…

1. A nice dinner.

 Give her something to dress up for.  And be sure to make a reservation.  She may love your spontaneous side, but a two-hour wait at every restaurant on Valentine’s Day is a great way to ruin the night.  Sure, it’s cliché, but is liking (and even wanting) the clichés such a bad thing?

2. Jewelry.

Materialistic?  Maybe for some, but hey – lots of women love jewelry for a reason.  It’s basically the grown-up version of checking “yes” on the piece of paper you’d pass around in elementary school asking if your crush liked you back.  (But please, don’t stop by Claire’s and call it a day.  A blue box from Tiffany may not be entirely realistic, but you can hit up one of my personal favorites instead —Gorjana or Vita Fede — for pieces at mid-price points that won’t turn her skin green.)

3. Do something she loves that you’re not so crazy about.

Just once, follow her around the mall without whining the whole way.  See that play you think sounds boring, just because she wants to.  Accompany her to the spa.  She’ll love that you’re making an effort to make her happy, and come on – it’s only a few hours out of your day, anyway.

4. Listen to her.

Seriously, just listen.  Give your girl her favorite flowers, the meal she’s been craving, or the movie she’s been dying to see (yes, even if it’s the new Ryan Gosling one).  It’s easy.  I guarantee she’s been dropping hints about what she wants.  And if you think she hasn’t, you’re missing them.

5. Choose her over your friends.

Not completely, but just for one night.  She wants to know that you want to spend time with her, so show it.  Spending time apart is healthy in every relationship, but at least once, choose to spend the night with her in favor of guy’s night at the bar.  Trust me, she’ll notice the gesture.

Still need more ideas? Check out our V-Day gift guide for every stage in a relationship here!

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