Top 10 Pokemon from Generation One

Top 10 Pokemon from Generation One


Since its release in 1995, Pokémon has captivated the minds of millions of people. The intended audience has always been the younger generations, but over the years, people of all ages have fallen in love with the made-up world of Pokémon. Just when the popularity of Pokémon was starting to fade, Pokémon Go was released a few weeks ago, and the world has been on the Poke craze ever since. Pokémon Go, for now, only includes the first generation of Pokémon monsters, and people all over the world are trying to catch them all. In honor of the excitement associated with Pokémon Go, I’ve compiled a list of my top 10, first generation Pokémon.

10. Arbok #024

A giant purple cobra - of course, it made my top 10 first generation Pokémon. Arbok is one the most intimidating first gen Pokémon, and one that I am continually trying to capture in Pokémon Go by evolving its counterpart, Ekans. Interestingly enough, if you reverse both Arbok and Ekans, their names are a clear homage to their real life siblings: cobra (kobra) and snake.

9. Lapras #131

Lapras clocks in at number nine on my list for numerous reasons. First off, Lapras’ body shape resembles a creature of the dinosaur age. How cool is that? Lapras also is able to conquer powerful water-type attacks, along with the occasional ice beam. In the Pokémon world, Lapras is a transport Pokémon that helps trainers and other passengers cross wide bodies of water. It is also said that Lapras is on the verge of extinction, and very few still exist in the Poké world.

8. Aerodactyl #142

Next on my list is another prehistoric Pokémon, Aerodactyl. This dinosaur-flying Pokémon was once extinct, but then was regenerated by scientists who extracted its DNA from crystalized amber. Aerodactyl combines a superb flying attack arsenal with the strengths of several rock type moves. Because of its sheer power and uniqueness, Aerodactyl takes place at number eight on my list.

7. Charizard #006

Flying in at number seven is Charizard, the fire-breathing lizard. That’s right, a flying fire-breathing lizard - do I need to say more? Well, if I do, Charizard is known for mastering the skies where it flies around looking for opponents to battle. Charizard is a fierce competitor, but will never flamethrower any opponent weaker than itself. Because of its sheer competiveness and amazing skill set, Charizard ranks at number seven of my top 10 first generation Pokémon.

6. Pikachu #025

Who in the Pokémon world is more iconic than Pikachu? Since Pokémon’s creation years ago, Pikachu has virtually become its mascot. Other than being the most popular Pokémon, Pikachu also is capable of very powerful electric-type moves, along with a very speedy attack. Pikachu also evolves into Raichu, a more powerful electric mouse Pokémon.

5. Scyther #123

Scyther’s sheer speed gives it the fifth spot in my top 10 first generation Pokémon. Scyther is one of the fastest, first generation Pokémon, and is also very strong. Scyther can use its two scythes to cut through almost anything. On top of its blinding speed and damaging strength, Scyther can also fly, making it one of the most remarkable first generation Pokémon.

4. Cubone #104

Cubone is a ground type Pokémon that sulks over the passing of its mother. To honor its fallen loved one, Cubone uses its mother’s skull as a helmet. Cubone only survives because of its skill at mastering its bone-wielding fighting style. Because of its unique weapon, Cubone, and its evolution, Marowak, are they only two Pokémon able to use the powerful bone club attack.

3. Articuno #144

Of course, one of the three legendary birds Pokémon were going to make my top 10 list. Out of Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres, Articuno is by far my favorite. This ice bearing bird flies in at number three on my list for a few different reasons. First off, Articuno was always the one Pokémon I set off after in the first Pokémon games (Red and Blue). Secondly, in the Poké world, it is believed that when Articuno flies, snow will fall, and when it flaps its wings, the air begins to freeze. Finally, Articuno simply looks awesome, and is also very powerful.

2. Mewtwo #150

Mewtwo is probably on every Pokémon fan’s ultimate list. Most people may have him at number one on their top, first generation list, and I can see why. Mewtwo was created by humans through genetic manipulation of another Pokémon, Mew’s Dna. Because of this, scientists named this creature Mewtwo. The experiment took a turn for the worse when Mewtwo realized he was stronger than any other Pokémon (except maybe Mew) and decided he didn’t like humans telling him what to do. Mewtwo clocks in at number two on my list because of his wide ability to attack and his overall intelligence. If you need more proof on why Mewtwo is definitely one of the top Pokémon, then check out “Pokémon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back.”

1. Eevee #133

The decision to put Eevee at the top of my first generation Pokémon list may get some criticism, but Eevee is my favorite first gen Pokémon for one reason. Eevee, due to its lack of a stable genetic makeup, can evolve into three different first generation Pokémon. These evolutions include Vaporeon (Water), Flareon (Fire), and Jolteon (Electric). As an added bonus, in the following generations, Eevee also gets 5 more possible evolutions. These evolutions include Glaceon (Ice), Umbreon (Dark), Leafeon (Grass), Espeon (Psychic), and Sylveon (Fairy).

Now, go out and catch them all!

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