Top 10 Party Schools in the United States

Top 10 Party Schools in the United States


Some colleges are known for their academic prestige, while others are famous for their unbeatable sports teams — but while these things are important, everyone knows that student life is what makes a college — on- and off-campus. A major part of being a college student is enjoying the weekends, so I took a nod from Total Frat Move and the Princeton Review and got to some research of my own. These are the top ten party schools in the nation did your university make the cut?

10. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Champaign, IL

U of I was named the number one party school in the nation by the Princeton Review in 2015, and for good reason. With successful sports teams, an extensive Greek life, and many students living off campus, the party scene is readily available to fighting Illini.

9. Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA

Pretty much only the freshmen live on-campus at Penn State, so house parties are plentiful, and students report the bar scene being stellar. As long as partygoers are being smart, odds are that the rage can go all night.

8. Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY

It’s cold in upstate New York, so the fighting Orange of SU have to dance to keep warm! With a strong Greek life, constant tailgates, and all sorts of themed parties throughout the year, Syracuse is definitely the top party school in the northeast.

7. University of Wisconsin at Madison in Madison, WI

Wisconsin was named the number one party school by Total Frat Move for its wild game days and its party-all-week attitude. Campus is described as “pure chaos” no matter what day it is, and the school’s huge Greek life doesn’t hurt the celebratory attitude.

6. Tulane University in New Orleans, LA

The fun never ceases at TU, with a nonstop Happy Hour and a generally positive campus atmosphere. Some have said that no bash is better than a Tulane party, and with karaoke bars and dance clubs all around campus, there’s no doubt that TU belongs in this top ten list.

5. Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA

While there aren’t as many celebrations at LSU, the ones the students do throw are known to be “raging and awesome.” Their sports and Greek life provide a great basis for fun times throughout the year for the Louisiana State Tigers.

4. University of California at Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara, CA

Every weekend is a party at UCSB, and its proximity to the beach just adds to the fun. The nightlife surrounding campus is stellar, and with new tourists visiting every weekend, you’re sure to meet some fun faces at a Santa Barbara rager.

3. University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL

Miami is another hub for vacationers, and local businesses have taken advantage of that with the large number of bars and clubs in the city that U of M students can enjoy. Additionally, Greek life adds to the party scene, and there are free buses available to students who want to travel downtown for a great night out with friends.

2. University of Colorado at Boulder in Boulder, CO

CU Boulder constantly makes top party school lists thanks to its huge Greek life, popular local bars, and, of course, the legal marijuana. Rumor has it that the best parties are actually on campus, on University Hill (affectionately known to students as simply, “the hill”).

1. West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV

No one knows how to party like students at WVU. Every day of the week (even during finals), festivities are a-go in Morgantown. The college’s secluded location and a large music scene make West Virginia University the number one party school in America.

So, where does your school stack up?


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