Top 10 Hangover Foods

Top 10 Hangover Foods


Whether you’re a rocket scientist, a neurosurgeon, a janitor, or a current college student, the odds are relatively good that you’ve had a few too many cold ones and paid the consequences at least once in your life. So for those of you who have a tendency to walk into the bar and miraculously transform into DJ Khaled, here’s a list of the best foods to aid your recovery the following day.

10. Crackers

Part of the problem with a hangover is that you are lacking a proper balance of electrolytes in your system. What better way to replace them than with cheap, tasty crackers that you can also mix with some of the foods that will appear later down in the list. It’s important to get something pretty neutral tasty in your stomach right away because an empty stomach always equals an angry stomach.

9. Soup

For those waking up in need of some extra hydration.

8. Burritos

Let’s say last night was an especially long, brutal night of drinking that has put you under the sheets until past noon. When you finally rise from your borderline comatose state, it’s possible that you may want food that is more lunch than breakfast. Enter the burrito. If the ingredients are chosen properly, it should fill your stomach and give you the energy to finally get on your way. The caution with this is that I would recommend a bland burrito in this instance, perhaps chicken or cheese instead of beef and without the extra hot sauce or other fiery components.

7. Toast

I am going to assume that by now you are getting the theme that bland bread products are the best thing for your stomach at this point in time. Congrats, you are completely correct about that! It’s better to stay on the safe side of the food spectrum during the morning after; picking the wrong choice of food could send you right back to bed, or even worse, the toilet. Toast with just a little butter or peanut butter is a nice snack to get the stomach settled in the morning.

6. Bagels

For all the same reasons above, just a little heartier.

5. Bacon

If your stomach can tolerate bacon, it may be used as a substitute for sausage.

4. Oatmeal

Another quick and easy food to make, except that oatmeal will likely fill up your stomach better than crackers due to the higher protein content. Oatmeal has a decent amount of potassium and sodium in it as well, so that will help to rebalance your electrolytes.

3. Cereal

Quick and effective, if you woke up with only a few minutes to spare, grab the cereal box and eat until your stomach stops digesting itself.

2. Sausage

High protein will keep you full if you have to go to class right away.

1. Eggs

If yellows are too greasy, go with egg whites. Combine them with sausage and toast, and you’ll make it to work/class in the morning feeling somewhat human.

It’s important to remember that while all these foods will help cure a hangover, the easiest way to cure one is to either not get one or to use certain tactics while you drink to lessen the hangover in the morning. Drinking some water occasionally through the night and especially right before bed, as well as getting a decent amount of sleep will be the biggest factors in reducing the unwanted side effects.

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