4 Tips for Introverts to Negotiate a Raise at Work

4 Tips for Negotiating a Raise as an Introvert


Being an introverted person can be pretty inconvenient sometimes - at social events, school, the store…you name it. In a world that is especially catered to outgoing, extroverted people, it can be a little difficult for us introverts to thrive.

Luckily, there are ways to get around our shyness while still being ourselves. One place that can be especially challenging for us introverts is the workplace. In a place where you’re expected to follow orders and perform the expected tasks without complaint, it can be easy for an introvert to become comfortable in their position, which can be problematic if they deserve a higher ranking or pay. If this sounds like your current situation, read on to learn a couple tips that you can use to negotiate a raise with your boss.

1. Do your research & practice

This tip applies to both introverts and extroverts. If you’re thinking about negotiating a raise with your boss, you should definitely go in prepared. Luckily, introverts are pros at preparation. I mean, we’re so used to going over what we’re going to say in our heads before we say something out loud, so being ready for anything is not something new for us. Make sure to know what to say and how to say it (with the proof to back it up!), so your boss will take you – and your negotiating - seriously.

2. Don’t be afraid to disrupt the peace

Sure, things are going well within your workplace right now, but are you happy with your pay? Do you know that you’re deserving of a raise? If you answered yes, then you’re going to have to buck up and have the conversation because chances are that your boss isn’t going to walk over to you and ask, “Hey, would you like a raise?”

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I know it sounds scary, but you’re most likely not going to get fired for wanting higher pay. In fact, your boss might even like your confidence and ambition and gladly give it to you. So try it out! The worst thing they can say is no.

3. Treat it like a regular conversation

Part of the reason negotiating a raise sounds scary is the thought of how your boss might react. An introvert may expect their boss to react in a negative manner, which can cause them to shy away from asking for that well-earned raise. There’s no need to bolt into your boss’s office, aggressively demanding a raise. Simply find a time when they aren’t so busy, and ask if you can speak with them or schedule a meeting. Speaking one-on-one in a relaxed setting with people is something that introverts do well, so play up this strength when negotiating with your boss.

4. Be prepared for the negotiation to go either way

The negotiation could go well or it could go wrong. After all, you are taking a risk. Even after doing all of the right things, your boss could still decide to deny your request. Before going through with your negotiation, it’s important for you to have a Plan B in case things don’t go the way you’d like them to. Try to keep an open mind when planning to negotiate a raise, but also know your worth. If you believe you’d be treated better elsewhere, consider looking for a different job.


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