5 Ways Introverts Can Make a Good First Impression

5 Tips for Introverts to Make a Good First Impression


Being an introvert isn’t easy. Especially when it seems everyone around you is so willing to put themselves out there and stand out amongst everyone in the crowd. If you’re introverted, you don’t like the spotlight to be on you, it makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable. You tend to hide and keep to yourself. But how does this attitude get you a job? Or get you noticed in a positive way? If you have trouble putting yourself out there, here are some tips that will help you make a good impression while networking.

1. Embrace the fact you are introverted

Introverts are quiet people. This isn’t always a bad thing because you can listen in a conversation without interrupting. Giving someone your undivided attention and letting them speak will make you look like a good listener, which is important. Being honest about who you are will make a good impression as well. Let a potential employer know you are introverted, but are looking for ways to build confidence and put yourself out there more. They will appreciate your openness and honesty.

2. Have a list of questions already made

If you’re going to a networking event, this is a great idea. It will put you ahead of the game. Before the event, think or research questions to ask potential employers and business contacts. Physically write down the questions and take it with you. This will show you are organized and take your future serious.

3. Approach a potential business contact when they are alone

Introverts are shy and may do better in a one on one setting. If this is you, wait until the person you want to talk to is alone or schedule a one on one meeting with them. This will ensure you are more comfortable and will open up more.


4. Know what you want

Being asked what you plan on doing with your future is daunting because a lot of time we have no idea what our next move is going to be. I personally get very nervous and annoyed when I get asked because I don’t want to feel inadequate or like I am not making progress in life. You don’t have to have all of the details sorted out yet, but having an idea of what you want your future to hold will make you look good to a potential business contact.

5. Do not get caught up on everyone else

Nothing kills confidence like comparing yourself to someone you think is doing better than you. It is crucial as an introvert to try your hardest to clock out the negative thoughts and focus on your great qualities instead. It is easier said than done, but it is extremely helpful to keep a positive mind in a social setting. No need to give yourself more anxiety!

Sometimes, it is a lot easier to skip out on an event due the stress and anxiety brought on from being an introvert. Do not screw yourself over by avoiding social events. You never know who you will meet or what kind of opportunities await. Take a deep breath and remember to just be yourself.

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