5 Things You Understand If Your Planner Never Leaves Your Side

5 Things You Understand If You’re Obsessed with Your Planner


1. Color Coding is Essential

Each class/activity has a different pen color assigned to it. Exam days are highlighted in a different color than assignment due dates. Social events get their own color too, because you can’t forget about those! Color coding my events puts my stressed-out mind at ease.

2. It’s a Main Priority in Life

It’s the first thing you take out when you get to class or a meeting. You live by it. All of your important things go into it. And you know for sure that if it doesn’t go in there, you’re not going to get it done! I check my planner every day when I get to class, every night when I get home, and at least a few times in between.

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3. It Needs Ample Space

When you’re buying your planner for the year, it needs to have several things - one being plenty of space for all of your notes, lists, and important dates! We’ve all gotten that planner that doesn’t even have room to write your homework in it - no fun! More room means more organization, and less stress when everything is squeezed into a small blank space.

4. It’s Always With You

Your planner must be with you at all times. You never know when you’ll need to add something to your plans! Whether it’s in your purse, backpack, or your car - you’ll have it close by no matter what.

5. You’re Always Freshening It Up

Every now and then I see something on Pinterest and have a new idea for my planner. I recently started planning out my monthly budget in my planner, and it’s helping me out a lot so far. You can add your personal goals for the week or your meal planning. There are loads of options, especially if you have a big planner with lots of room (ahem, #3).


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