What You Should Know Before Taking an AP Class

7 Things You Should Know Before Taking an AP Class


School is hard as it is, especially when you’re also trying to prepare for college. To take or not to take AP classes is an important decision, and the decision shouldn’t be made without considering the following. Here are seven things you should know before taking an AP class:

1. Not all colleges will give you credit.

Scores of three and above on AP exams are typically accepted for college credit. However, there are some schools that do not give you credit. Therefore, be aware of your prospective colleges’ policy before making your decision.

2. You will need good time management.

As expected, AP classes are more difficult. They are usually structured in a way that prepares students to take the AP test, so, if you want to do well on the AP test to possibly earn college credit, you must keep up with the class work and the studying along with the class work for your other classes.

3. It could save you money.

AP courses are usually free when taken through your high school. The only fee you might have to pay is the exam fee, which is nothing compared to the cost of taking one college course.

4. It could save you time.

Getting a 5 on an AP test could get you up to 16 college credits. That is at least four college courses. Why not just kill two birds with one stone by getting your high school graduation requirements and college degree requirements taken care of at once?

5. Failing an AP test will not affect your college admissions.

Unlike your SAT and ACT scores, your AP test score will not determine whether you get into college or not.

6. AP tests are taken in May.

If you are planning to take an AP class and the AP test, make sure to not overload your May schedule. Studying and preparing for the AP test will be stressful enough.

7. You do not need to be enrolled in an AP class to take the AP test.

You can take the AP test without being enrolled in an AP class. However, AP classes are meant to help you prepare for the AP test, so take that into consideration before deciding to ditch the class.

Before deciding anything, speak to your counselors, your parents, your prospective colleges, and even students who have already taken an AP class. Once you do that, you will be able to make the right decision.


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