16 Things You Need to Throw a Summer Pool Party

16 Things Your Summer Pool Party Needs


One of the best parts of summer is the long days at the pool. If you’re planning on throwing a pool party this summer, here are 16 things you need for the ultimate pool party blast!

1. Sunscreen

 Preferably waterproof! Sunscreen protects you against getting burnt, aging, and skin cancer.

2. A cooler full of your favorite beverages

Cold water and Gatorade are great drinks to help keep your electrolyte levels up! Alcoholic wine coolers are also a yummy treat (if you’re 21 and over, of course)!

3. Some fun pool floats

These days there are so many pool floats, it seems as though every adult owns one. Styles vary from flamingos to pizza pies! There are even floats where you can play games on, such as beer pong.

4. All of your best friends and family

This is what makes the party! The more the merrier! Just make sure that any kids who attend are supervised and know how to swim.

5. Some delicious food

The important key here is to serve food that can be easily stored in a cooler and/or can handle the summer heat. Chips and nonperishables make great options. Barbecuing is also always great.

6. Waterproof phone or camera to take pictures

There’s bound to be some funny memories that need capturing!

7. Water guns

These are so fun and you can make a lot of games out of them. Most towns have them in the local dollar store!

8. Towels for lounging and drying

It’s not a pool party without some cute towels to lounge on!

9. Comfy beach chairs or benches for your guests to relax on

Not everyone will want to swim, and you’ll need to have some chairs for everyone to hang out around the pool in!


10. A first aid kit

Always hope for the best but prepare for the worst!

11. Awesome music and your favorite tunes

Either a radio or a speaker. You can play fun songs like cha-cha slide to get the party started! There is also the option to have a music theme such as the 80s or 90s!

12. Some “out of the water” games

For when you want a break from the water games, like cornhole and volleyball. Have each of your guests bring a ball or game to contribute!

13. A portable charger for everyone’s iPhone

That way nobody is in and out of the house or apartment.

14. A light up LED pool light

This is great for the night time pool parties. You can purchase a light online that changes colors and has an awesome effect on the vibe of the party.

15. Some prizes for winning games

These prizes can be as simple as a popsicle.

16. A raffle or fundraiser

If you really want to go all out, have a raffle or fundraiser for your favorite charity!

Between the friends, music, and food, your pool party is bound to be a hit! Have fun this summer, and stay safe!

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