5 College Care Package Finds on Amazon

5 Things You Need in College Care Packages


Do you guys know what we need to bring back this year? Snail mail! There’s nothing better than getting a surprise in the mail, and one of the best forms of snail mail is care packages. If you haven’t heard of care packages, they are basically a box filled with tons of fun stuff, like snacks, pictures, and candy. They can be DIY projects or purchased online, and can be themed or have random items. Care packages can be a little hard to start because there are just so many ideas for them. If you’re not exactly sure where to start, then check out this list. I’ll be showing you five different items that would be a great part of a care package. The best part of these items is that you can find them all on Amazon!

1) An adorable mug

If you’ve been on social media at all recently, then you’ve probably seen mug cake recipes. On top of mug cakes, you can also make mug mac and cheese, omelets, lasagna, muffins, and more in a mug. An adorable mug would be a great gift to include in your care package, and Amazon has many options to choose from.

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2) Candles

College students can do lots of things, like memorizing loads of information in one night, or partying all night and waking up for an 8 a.m. class. One thing that we’re not very good at, though, is relaxing. An easy way to relax is by lighting a soothing, scented candle. Your college friend/sibling/sweetheart will definitely appreciate this relaxing gift in their care package.

3) Water bottle

If your friend is a bit of a health nut, or you just really want them to start drinking more water, then a water bottle will be the perfect addition to their care package. One of the most important college essentials (backpack, laptop, headphones, and water bottle), this gift will definitely get a lot of use and Amazon’s different styles are sure to match your friend’s personality.

4) Healthy snacks

Since it’s the new year and Spring Break is close by, many of us are on a health kick right now. Typical college food, like pizza, ramen noodle packets, and mac and cheese are delicious and cheap, but not so great for our bodies. Packing healthy snacks into your loved one’s care package will keep them away from tempting, unhealthy choices, and help them achieve their 2018 fitness goals.

5) Cozy items

Who doesn’t like fuzzy socks, beanies, and knit scarves? Cozy items make us feel warm, relaxed, and can help us feel like we’re at home again. If your friend/sibling/significant other is spending their college days away from home, a cozy gift might help them feel less homesick and more comfortable, especially on those chillier days.

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