10 Things To Do This Summer

10 Things To Do This Summer


During the school year, when homework and exams are piling up, it seems so easy to make a list of things you would much rather be doing. The school year comes and goes, summer rolls around, and you mysteriously have nothing to do. You cannot remember anything you actually wanted to do over those long months of homework and exams. To ease some of that frustration, below are some of the things you can possibly do over the summer.

1. Sleep.

It is inevitable that you did not get enough of it over the school year. Sleep as much as you need for the first few days. (However, beware of making this a habit, because it will be hard to break an odd sleep schedule once the school year rolls around again.)

2. Catch up on a TV show.

It is always hard to keep up with a show’s schedule while you have so much to do. Now that you have enough free time, binge watch to your heart’s content.

3. Read a book or two, even if you do not think you enjoy reading.

It is amazing how satisfying reading can be when there are no deadlines or reports due on the book.

4. Plan a road trip and take your friends or family.

Go somewhere you have always wanted to go. This option will cost a bit of money, but you do not necessarily have to plan an expensive trip. Even just driving an hour in one direction and seeing where the road takes you could be an adventure.

5. Go camping.

Similar to the road trip, this will cost some money. But again, it does not have to be too expensive. Find a tent and some sleeping bags, and other camping gear that you need, load up an ice chest full of food and drinks and spend a day or two camping.

6. Explore.

Drive around your town, drive around a neighboring town. Walk around a place you’ve never been before. Spend some time adventuring.

7. Learn something new.

Sign up for a class that teaches something you have always wanted to learn. Look up videos on YouTube or have a friend teach you something they know. It would be both a productive and fun summer.

8. Relax.

Allow yourself to sit and do nothing. Although it may feel as if you have to be doing something every second of the day, take the time and allow yourself to enjoy being able to do absolutely nothing for a while.

9. Organize something.

Whether it is your backpack for school or the closet in your bedroom, declutter an area of your space. It will help, especially when school starts back up again, to keep a clear mind and to stay organized.

10. Get a summer job.

With your schedule clear of courses, it is very easy to clock-in more hours than you would during the semester. This helps immensely when the cost of tuition, textbooks, etc. pile up the semester after summer is over.

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