Things You Should Do During Your First Day of Work

10 Things You Should Do on Your First Day of Work


The first day of work can be a bit nerve wracking. Here are ten things you should do on your first day, no matter what job position you land!

1. Introduce yourself

Although you may feel shy or overwhelmed, make sure you introduce yourself to as many people as you can (when the timing is appropriate). This will demonstrate that you are friendly and welcoming.

2. Be on time

This is crucial. Showing up late on your first day is a huge no-no. Get up extra early that morning to make sure that you’re ready to go. Plan to get to work five to ten minutes early. Additionally, don’t be in a huge rush to get out of there when the day is over. Watch what everyone else does, and linger around a few extra minutes if appropriate.

3. Eat something light for lunch (and something you have had before)

Nobody wants a sick stomach or bad breath, especially on the first day! Also, make sure that you get back to work on time after your break.

4. Notice how everyone else dresses

Be observant and people watch throughout the day. Is your outfit appropriate compared to everyone else’s? Being either overdressed or underdressed is not ideal.

5. Stay off your phone (unless you’re supposed to be on it)

Scrolling through Facebook and Instagram on your first day isn’t professional. Also, make sure your phone is on silent/sleep mode so it doesn’t disturb anyone.

6. Be open minded

Sometimes you have to accept a job that isn’t your dream job. This is normal. Make sure that you have a positive attitude and recognize the positive aspects of the job. If the first day isn’t going great, remember that you may start to love the position over time, and even if you don’t, look at is as a stepping stone to a position you do love.


7. Don’t forget to smile

A great smile can go a long way!

8. Don’t talk about anything too personal

The first day of work is almost like a first day at school. You don’t want to reveal your whole life story. Keep things to yourself and avoid topics like personal relationships and politics.

9. Figure out logistics ahead of time

If your interview took place at a different location from where you will be working, then make sure you drive to your job ahead of time, another day before you start. This will ensure you have a less stressful morning commute and that you don’t get lost on your first day. It is also important to figure out the parking situation so you don’t get towed or can’t find a spot.

10. Wear something that you’re confident in

Make sure that you choose an outfit you feel confident and comfortable in. If you are having any doubts before you leave your house, then definitely change. If your job requires you to wear a certain uniform, then practice wearing this uniform around the house before you start. That way, any blisters or uncomfortable clothing is solved beforehand.

Follow these tips and you are bound to have a great first day. Good luck everyone!

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