4 Things That Don’t Matter in Your College Decision

With so many college and university choices out there in the world, it’s important that you evaluate each of your options and determine which ones fit your criteria the best. Just as there are reasons why you should choose to apply to a college, there are also factors that shouldn’t matter when you are applying to colleges. Don’t let these four things stop you from applying to a school you’re interested in!

1. Where your significant other is applying

Don’t sacrifice going to your dream school just because your boyfriend/girlfriend wants the two of you to go to the same college together. If it’s your dream to go somewhere your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t want to go, your significant other should support that. This is your education! Your wants in a college should be your priority.

2. Not knowing anyone going to the same school

The difference between being the new kid in college and being the new kid in high school is that nobody cares in college. Everyone is the “new kid.” Many students come from different states and even countries. This is a chance to make new friends that you would not have met had you not decided to take the chance and try something new.

3. The college your parents want you to go to

You love your parents, but maybe you’re not too crazy for their alma mater. Don’t be afraid to tell your parents where you really want to go to college. In the end, what they care about most is your success and happiness.

4. College rankings

People get so caught up in Ivy leagues and highly-acclaimed universities that are ranked high on lists, but the truth is that these rankings don’t guarantee everything you want. Just because a school is ranked the highest doesn’t mean you’re going to love it. These schools get their status for a reason, but there are plenty of amazing schools out there that aren’t “brand-name,” and this should never be the sole reason you wish to go to a school. Your college experience is what you make it, not how it ranks on a list.