6 Things That Happen When You're Best Friends With Your Siblings

6 Things That Happen When Your Siblings Are Your Best Friends

I have seven older siblings, and while we can get on each other’s nerves, we are all best friends! Here are six things that happen when your siblings are your best friends:

1. Traditions

When your siblings are your best friends, you find fun things to do, and they’re so fun, you do them again and again. My favorite sibling tradition is “Sister Saturday.” Over the years this tradition has grown to include my sisters-in-law as well. Whenever two or more of us are home at the same time, we choose a day (it’s not always Saturday) to focus on time together and do something fun. These activities have included pedicures, hiking, and going to the movies.

2. You can literally have any kind of conversation

I love how conversations with my sister can be about anything from our latest Netflix obsession, to a deep conversation about relationships, and life struggles. With siblings as best friends there is little worry about gossip being spread or drama being created because we have the same trust as besties, and the love of family supporting us.

3. Anyone you date is scrutinized

When your siblings are your best friends, everyone will know if you start dating someone and will have Facebook stalked them. Your siblings always have your back… sometimes to the point of being over protective.

4. Weird shenanigans

One morning, my dad woke up to a weird thudding sound and walked into my room to find my sister and I throwing rolled up socks at a running ceiling fan. When your siblings are your best friends, you always find your way into some strange shenanigans. Whether it’s playing with fire (don’t try that at home), or Nerf gun battles, there’s no one you’d rather get into trouble with than your siblings.

5. You can do nothing and still have fun

When your siblings are your best friends, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you always find a way to have a great time! Some of my favorite memories are times when my family has just been sitting in the living room cracking jokes, or telling stories. The simplest things can create the greatest bonds.

6. Distance doesn’t matter

When your siblings are your best friends, distance is no problem. I have siblings in the army who have lived overseas, siblings who stayed in our hometown, and a few who went off to school as far as 1,100 miles from home. Despite the distance, we always managed to maintain our friendship! Even when years pass without seeing one another, when we reunite it’s as if nothing has changed.

Without a doubt, the best part about having your siblings as your best friends is that there is ALWAYS somewhere there for you. True best friends can persevere through difficult times and come out even closer and stronger together. To have siblings as your best friends is a priceless experience.

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