9 Things That Always Happen During Finals Week in College

9 Things That Always Happen During Finals Week

Congrats! You've made it to the end of the semester. You can finally break out your cute winter clothes, watch all the fun holiday movies, and start your Christmas shopping. But actually before you can do all of that, you have to get through finals week. Here are some things that you can expect to happen during finals week.

1. Studying

Not studying won't make the time pass any easier. So make sure you hit the books to do your very best on all your exams. When you're satisfied with your efforts, you can spend the holidays even happier.

2. The Library is Your New Home

If your library has a quiet floor, you might work better there or with a group of friends. Good luck trying to find a seat because everyone will be there cramming for finals. And don't be surprised if you find that one student taking a nap underneath their own table. I've seen it happen.

3. Your Stress Level Will Hit New Levels

Studying information for many difference classes at once will take a toll on your brain. You'll most likely get stressed out if you try to study a little of everything at once. Think about how you want your study week to go. Choose certain days to study for each class so your mind won't get confused. Organization helps your mind relax and keeps you on schedule.


4. Crying

You might not think it will come to this but if you end up crying during finals week from all the stress, remember that you are not the only one and everything will be okay. Calling your Mom and crying is also not the worst thing ever.

5. You Won't See Your Friends as Much

There's not time for partying, playing pool in the game room, or just hanging out during finals week. The only time you'll probably see your friends is if you meet up to eat because everyone is focused on studying. Even then, you might be thinking more about passing your finals.

6. Netflix

But you might make time for a few episodes of Friends or Gotham during your study break. These are great shows by the way. It's important to take breaks, especially because stress and feeling overwhelmed is real.

7. Procrastination

We all find ways to procrastinate during finals week. Whether it's going to the library and scrolling through social media for 20 minutes before opening your book. Or making false excuses that you're hungry. Or telling yourself you'll start studying once you beat this solitaire game.

8. You’ll Stay Up Later Than Usual

Even if you’re the type of person who gets in bed late, you’ll most likely be staying up later than that during finals week. This is true especially if you’re unfortunate enough to have different finals on the same day.

9. Your School Will Give You Stress Busters

Most school will cheer you on for finals week but helping you stay stress free. This can include bringing in puppies or giving our free snacks to help get you through the week. Take advantage of these events. Not only will it give you a break from studying, but it will really help you relieve stress.

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