Don't Say These Things to a Liberal Arts Major

Things Every Liberal Arts Major Is Tired of Hearing


“What are you going to do with that degree?”

Listen, we are in 2018, and graduate/doctorate programs are becoming almost necessary for a lot of jobs. So please chill about my bachelor’s degree of choice. I am going to do whatever I want with my career and I will use my knowledge from my bachelor’s degree to do it.

“Wow, that sounds so easy! I wish I would’ve majored in that instead of [insert some STEM major here].”

Actually, I work my butt off studying and reading and writing papers every week just like you do. Sure, I probably couldn’t pass your engineering exam, but have you tried to write a 25-page paper about the symbolism in modern action movies and TV shows? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

“You could make a lot of money doing [insert some career here]. Have you considered majoring in [anything that isn’t your major]?”

No, I haven’t considered that because it sounds miserable due to the negative interest I have in that subject. Please back off of my major just because it is not the same as yours.

“You know you’re not going to make a lot of money doing that.”

Oh, thanks! I wasn’t aware of the internet where I can look up the annual income of any job until you just told me. Personally, I am going to focus my life and career doing something that makes me happy – not something that makes a certain dollar amount.

“Aren’t you worried about finding a job?”

I mean, kind of, but not because of my major. Basically everyone has trouble finding a job these days. Just because I’m studying something that’s not as “practical” as your major doesn’t mean I won’t be able to get a job.

“Okay, practice this: ‘Do you want fries with that?’”

This is just plain rude.

“So you want to be a teacher?”

No, actually. There are plenty of things you can do with a liberal arts degree that don’t involve being a teacher, believe it or not.

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