8 Things Guys Do That Girls Love

8 Things Guys Do That Girls Love

I know we give guys a hard time because we base so many of our expectations on the cinematic romantic movies. However, the simplest things are truly the best. Big gestures are always much appreciated, but sometimes it’s the little things that count the most. Here are eight simple things guys do that girls love:

  1. Holding open doors

This is common courtesy, but sometimes when you’re having a bad day a simple act of kindness is so necessary.

  1. Offering jackets/hoodies when it’s cold

We’re fans of oversized clothing that keeps us warm, and it’s a plus when the hoodies and sweaters still smell like cologne.

  1. Checking in to see if you’re okay

The random texts asking how you are or how your day has been show that you’re thoughtful and kind, and are always appreciated.

  1. Wearing cologne

What can we say, we love when things smell good, and sometimes the smell of a guy’s cologne is just…*insert heart eye emoji*

  1. Making stupid jokes

A sense of humor lightens the mood, and making us laugh with a cheesy joke when we’re upset is a sweet gesture.

  1. Playing with kids/puppies

No one can deny that it’s basically the most adorable sight ever.

  1. Having quirky moments

It’s nice to see guys that aren’t always trying to be the cool or tough guy and they can lay back and express their weird side.

  1. Holding things for us

Sure, we’re strong women, but a guy offering to take some weight off our shoulders (literally) is a great feeling. With our purses and our heavy backpacks, sometimes we need a helping hand to help us carry everything.

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