14 Things Every Senior Needs to Do During Their Last Year of High School

14 Things Every High School Senior Needs to Do During Their Last Year of High School


Senior year is not only an ending, but also a beginning! Use this guide as your template for your senior year bucket list! Personalize it to fit you. Senior year is just as much about preparing for college, as it is about enjoying your final moments in high school!

So here it is: your senior year bucket list!

  1. Be impulsive in all the right ways: try out for the play, the musical, the team, etc. You’ve got nothing to lose!
  2. Go to the games! (Or concerts, or whatever school events suit you). Some of the most exciting high school moments happen standing in the student section of sports games singing the school song!
  3. Dances! Whether you attend with your high school sweetheart or a big group of friends, go to your school dances and be the life of the party.
  4. Make a resume. This one isn’t as exciting- but just as important. This is one way to prepare for college. A lot of high school classes will even have you make a resume as an assignment.
  5. Stay out of the drama! Here’s a secret, the friends from high school who are starting all the drama probably aren’t the friends you’re going to be talking to for years to come, so go ahead and clear your life of toxic relationships and focus on building healthy lasting friendships!
  6. Have a fun and smart class schedule. Take those AP or IB classes, but also take choir, art, mythology, jewelry making, or whatever fun class piques your interest!
  7. FAFSA! Kind of a long and unexciting process… but definitely necessary.
  8. Senior pictures! Because you need something to put on your grad invites, AND these pictures will be fun to look back on in future years.
  9. Graduation parties (seriously these are a great way to get gift cards, etc. to help you out as you prepare for the financial burden that is college)! Attending grad parties is a great way to support your peers.
  10. Volunteer! Join NHS, or similar organizations and find opportunities to improve your community.
  11. Take a senior trip! Make lasting memories and have a good time.
  12. Enjoy your hometown! Especially if you’re leaving home for college, make some lasting memories in the place you call home- go to the fair, local monuments or sights, and take some friends with you.
  13. Quality family time! Don’t forget to make lasting memories with the people you love most.
  14. GRADUATE.  Last, and certainly not least.


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