Things All Double Majors Understand

Things Every Double Major Understands

Things Every Double Major Understands

Deciding to be a double major is a huge decision. It’s a lot of work, and most students shy away from double majoring because of the intense workload. But for the brave ones who are, here are 19 things you will definitely be able to relate to:

1. The overwhelming amount of homework and studying you always have to do.

It seems like it never ends. Your single-major friends have some nerve to complain about their course load!

2. Feeling really proud to tell your family and friends that you’re a double major.

They never fail to appear impressed!

3. Trying to decide which major you like the most.

It’s a love-hate relationship.

4. Having two different academic advisors that always seem to be on completely different pages.

They really should have a specific advisor that is trained to assist double majors.

5. Occasionally questioning why you made the decision to choose two majors.

Regret, regret, and more regret.

6. But then feeling super accomplished when you realize how well rounded you are.

7. Appreciating the fact you are getting way more out of your tuition money than your friends are.

Might as well, right?

8. Dreading the awful weeks where you have two tests on the same day.

It’s nearly impossible to remember so many different topics! Especially when your two majors are drastically different.

9. Feeling super grateful that your education qualifies you for so many internships and job opportunities.

Twice the amount of options! If the job market isn’t ideal for one of your majors, then at least you have a backup plan!

10. Having to walk extremely far distances every day on campus.

Because of course both your majors have completely different buildings on opposite sides of campus.

11. Getting made fun of by your friends for being a total nerd.

Or even worse, a person with commitment phobia.

12. Having two different major GPAs on your resume.

Or solely listing the higher one…

13. Participating in twice as many clubs and meetings because you’re involved with both of your majors.

14. Accidentally emailing the wrong professor about a class that they don’t even teach.


15. Missing out on a lot of social events with your friends because you’re stuck in the library for extensive periods of time.

16. Having the librarian know you on a first name basis.

17. Relating to and instantly making friends with anyone else you discover is a double major.

Finally, someone who understands your pain and the struggle!

18. Trying to practice your skills from one major while utilizing the skills from your other major.

You can practice biology definitions in Spanish, right?

19. Having two different planners.

Because it’s much easier than trying to consolidate both majors in one.

Whether you are a single major or double major, just remember that you should feel proud! Being a college student is a huge accomplishment. Happy studying, everyone!

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