10 Things Accounting Majors Are Tired of Hearing

10 Things Every Accounting Major Is Tired of Hearing


No matter what you major in, people always feel the need comment on your decision (some positive, and some not so positive).

Here are 10 things accounting majors are really tired of hearing.

1. “Oh, so you’re really good at math?”

Not necessarily…accounting is more like a foreign language than math. With how advanced technology is these days, little basic “calculator” math is involved. Spreadsheets, Excel, and computers are doing most of the math required.

2. “So you’re not a people person?”

The accounting profession actually requires great people skills. People assume that accountants just sit alone at a desk all day and crunch numbers. This is far from true. Accountants have to network and interact with clients regularly.

3. “You must be really smart.”

As nice of a compliment as this is, accounting majors aren’t more or less smart than any of their peers. Everyone has something they’re good at. Plus, it gets annoying when everyone comes to you for help on their school work!

4. “What should I do as far as “XYZ” for my taxes this year?”

First of all, accounting majors aren’t certified accountants yet. Secondly, not every accountant specializes in tax! There’s audit, advisory, and even fraud accounting. And with all the tax laws consistently changing, it’s nearly impossible to give good advice to someone with such little information.

5. “Can you do my taxes this year?”

Literally anything tax related, we are tired of hearing.

6. “You must be really great with money.”

Nope, I actually have $16.29 in my bank account. I may know how to balance a checkbook, but I’m just as broke as you are. Budgeting – and sticking to it - is hard for everyone.

7. “You’re going to work a ton of hours.”

During busy season, yes. Busy season is crazy, and accountants can work up to 90 hours a week. However, there are a ton of small or middle-sized firms that allow you to have a great work/life balance.

8. “I didn’t invite you because I assumed you had to study this weekend.”

Um, we can multitask! Accounting majors can study and go out with their friends. Thank you very much for the assumption though.

9. “You’re going to have to dress up for work every day.”

Like the majority of business majors, you will have to look professional for work. However, most accounting firms have casual Fridays where you can wear jeans. You don’t have to get dressed in a full-on business suit or heels every time you go to the office.

10. “How do you possibly like accounting?”

Because we do. How do you like being a nurse and dealing with sick, grumpy people all day? That, I do not understand. Guess everyone is different, huh?

No matter how many times you hear these annoying questions, just remember: you are in a very respected field and will be admired by many people in the future…and the money ain’t too shabby either.

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