These are the Highest-Paying Jobs for English Majors in 2017

These are the Highest-Paying Jobs for English Majors in 2017


If you've ever told anyone that you're majoring in English, chances are you've heard something along the lines of, "so, you want to be a teacher?" And if you tell them "no," you're promptly met by an empty stare that clearly means, “then how are you going to make money????"

For some reason humanities majors have a bad rap for leading to low-paying careers, but I'm here to prove all of those naysayers wrong. So, without further ado: the highest-paying jobs for English majors!

1. $128,000 - Corporate Communications Director
2. $92,000 - Editorial Director
3. $91,000 - Executive Editor
4. $90,500 - Content Strategist
5. $82,100 - Content Marketing Manager
6. $74,900 - Editor-in-Chief
7. $72,200 - Content Manager
8. $71,400 - Senior Writer
9. $68,900 - Web Producer

As you can see there, are some good-paying jobs out there for you English majors, especially those of you who are more attracted to the online side of a business. In a world of social media marketing, writers who know how to navigate those murky waters are on a path to some crazy financial success!

Wages based on average annual earnings. Data from

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