5 Symptoms of Being an Engineering Major

5 Symptoms of Being an Engineering Major


Are you still undecided as to what field of study you want to go into? Are you lost in a sea of people who have decided on their future? Are you unsure of where you truly belong? Below are some symptoms that might indicate you are an engineering major. If a majority of these apply, contact your advisor immediately. Best of luck; there is no known cure.

1. You live at the library.

If you could, you would probably set up tent, hang a hammock, or turn a study room into a small dorm. You can be found most hours of the day either working hard or hardly working, but always at the library. Always.

2. You have little comprehension of what a good night’s sleep is anymore.

You probably average five hours of sleep a night, and that is on a good week. Add exams to the mix, and there are some days you will probably spend 48 plus hours cramming in the library. You would be unrecognizable without the bags under your eyes. Even on days where it is justifiable going to sleep early, you feel guilty. A good night’s sleep begins to feel like you are failing to get some work done.

3. As difficult as it is and as much as you may complain, you enjoy the challenge.

In comparison to other things, you would not have it any other way. Everything else begins to look way too easy relative to the assignments and concepts you are tackling. Beware, because this also begins to develop into a bit of a superiority complex for some individuals.

4. You are always surrounded by peers, those who are struggling with you.

You help each other along the way, you push each other to work harder, and when things get tough, you are not alone. Many professors also lend a helping hand, and can listen to any concerns you may have. A lot of them have gone through the same coursework, and understand the road you are on.

5. As hard as you work, you can be just as good of a master at relaxing.

When there is a lull in the semester, there is no question that you can spend a whole day lying in bed, binge watching a favorite television show.

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