All the Supplies You Need to Survive Finals Week

Everything You Need to Survive Finals Week on Amazon

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1. Kleenex

Whether you’re crying because of stress, have a runny nose, or maybe a little of both, these compact, travel size packs of Kleenex are perfect for late night study sessions at the library.

2. Sticky notes

These lined sticky notes are great for making lists. Keep track of your assignments and finals schedule and stick these on your laptop, in your books, or wherever you will see them frequently.

3. Protein bars

Good! Green bars are my favorite nutrition bar when I need a pick-me-up. This wholesome snack contains fruits and vegetables, as well as nutritious protein and fiber. They’re also gluten free and vegan. Try these, or buy your favorite protein bar to provide the energy you need to handle your finals.

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4. Travel mug

Finals week calls for a lot of coffee. Keep your drink warm while you study with a nice travel mug!

5. Emergen-C

No one wants to be sick during finals week, yet it always seems to happen. Take care of your immune system so you can stay focused on studying!

6. Water bottle

Another part of taking care of your health is staying hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will help keep you awake and focused while you study. A reusable water bottle like this one is the perfect addition to your backpack.

7. Ear buds

Drown out any background noise and enjoy listening to your favorite tunes, or some relaxing melodies so you can better focus on your studying. There are also tons of “white noise” options online to listen to if you need help falling asleep.

8. Dry shampoo

As much as we’d all like to say we keep complete control of our life during finals week… that usually doesn’t happen. Let this dry shampoo work a miracle on your hair on those days when studying is higher priority than washing your hair.

9. Sleep mask

There comes a point when you can’t drink any more energy drinks to stay awake and you just need sleep. Get as high quality sleep as you can, even if you can’t sleep for a full eight hours. Use a sleeping mask to help you relax and get those much needed zzzzz’s.


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