Best Summer Jobs for College Students

8 Best Summer Jobs for College Students

It’s never too early to think about getting a summer job. Sometimes landing a job can take a while, so it’s a good idea to start your search before the semester has ended. Finding a job with no degree or certification can be difficult and become frustrating very quickly, especially when you really need the cash. Here’s a list of jobs that don’t require a degree and can be easily obtainable (some more so than others). Whether you’re looking for full time or part time, it’s great to know your options.


Most medium to large cities have temp agencies. You can register with an agency and let them know your availability. Most will test your computer skills if you’re looking for office work, or you can sign up for light labor jobs like working at an online order fulfillment center. With so many regular employees going on vacation in the summer, you can turn their time off into cold hard cash for yourself.

Summer Nanny/Manny

If you love kids this summer gig can pay off. Many families with children need an option for child care when school is not in session, and those summer camps fill up quickly. Reach out to families you’ve babysat for in the past to see if they, or any of their friends, will need extra childcare over the break.

Fast Food

As much as anyone might hate working at a fast food joint, it’s a standard go-to for a flexible summer job. You’ll likely have a flexible schedule and gain people skills that will benefit you when you start your post-college career.


Like fast food, the pay with retail may not be great, but it can have its perks. If you’re into shopping, working at your favorite retail shop or boutique will be awesome because they almost always offer a pretty decent employee discount. Plus, you’ll probably meet some people with similar interests to hang out with outside of work.

Host/Server at Restaurant

Working at a restaurant may not be the most glamourous job, but good customer service may lead to good tips, and that can increase your earnings! With restaurant and fast food jobs, you can learn a number of valuable skills, like organization, prioritization, multitasking, and dealing with difficult people.

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Receptionists are typically responsible for basic office duties, including answering phone calls, copying, filing, and ordering supplies. You can be a receptionist in places such as car dealerships, law and real estate offices, medical offices, public relations agencies, spas, and so much more. Receptionists are important assets to companies, and having the title on your resume will let future employers know that you definitely have experience in dealing with people.


If you are a little further in your college career, it would be a good idea to start looking for jobs related to your chosen career path. Getting your foot in the door as soon as possible will help you in a long run. This is a great time to explore internships, or look for volunteer opportunities in your field that may turn into actual full-time jobs down the line.

Odd Jobs

Painting, window washing, detailing cars…the options are endless when it comes to finding odd jobs. These kinds of jobs make great summer jobs for college students because you don’t have to commit to anything long term. You work on an “as needed” basis and can decline work any time you want to.

Hotel Maid

If you live in an area that has a lot of tourism in the summer, you may find that many hotels are hiring staff for their busy season. Being a hotel maid may not be a glamorous job, but you’ll learn how to get up early, work hard, and finish your responsibilities on time. What future employer wouldn’t love that?

Assistant for Hire

Wherever you can find busy people, you’ll find people who could use a little extra help. Whether it’s taking their dog to the vet, or picking up their dry cleaning, you can put yourself out there to run errands for other people. Especially for working parents whose kids are out of school.

Depending on your availability and what you are looking for in a summer job, these jobs can be great options. Even if the job will just be temporary, never rush and commit to the first job you see. If you start your search early enough, you will have the time and flexibility to apply to a few jobs and hopefully get called in for a couple of interviews. At that point, it will be up to you which job you prefer, and you will have the luxury of making that decision. Summer is about having fun! So, don’t get caught up in a job you know you will despise. Apply for jobs you’re pretty sure you will enjoy. If you’re not sure, you can always get more information and a better picture of what the work will be like if you get called in for an interview! And if you can’t find the job that fits you, use some of these ideas to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit and line those pockets!


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