Student Discounts on Travel

Travel Companies That Give Student Discounts


This is the freest time of your life - college. You’re young, vibrant, and ready to explore the world! Your bank account might not be quite as ready, but luckily, there are tons of places that offer student discounts on everything from food to electronics to travel! Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or a full-blown vacation, check out these sites to help you save money along the way.


Creating a free membership with Unidays gives you access to a variety of travel sites including Uber,, Lyft, Zipcar, and more! Unidays also offers discounts for tons of other websites - because you need a new outfit and other things when you’re traveling, right?

Discover Deals

If you have a Discover It card (a credit card for students) you have access to discounts on several travel websites including Travelocity,, and a variety of cruise lines! If you’re a frequent traveler or shopper, this card may be something you should look into!

This site is awesome! Not only does it give you access to discounted plane tickets, it also has a variety of resources concerning internships, scholarships, volunteer programs, spring break trips, and more!

Student Universe

Sign up with Student Universe to find tons of discounted flights, hotels, and tours! Not only can you get where you need to go, but you can find a place to stay and a sightseeing guide all at discounted prices!

ISIC card

The International Student Identity Card is the student ID you NEED if you plan on traveling during your time as a student. This card can be purchased at and provides discounts and benefits at thousands of hotels, museums, restaurants, and other attractions you’re sure to visit during your travels.

Travel Cuts

This company offers discounts on flights, hotels, vacations, rail, and more to students with an ISIC card.



Contiki is a company that plans trips at discounted prices for young adults 18-35. They basically take care of everything - hotels, transportation, accommodations, food, and even access to popular sights and cruises.

EF Ultimate Break

EF Ultimate Break offers all-inclusive group travel experiences for people ages 18-29. These trips include flights, accommodations, an itinerary, and a tour director - all at the best prices available.They even offer payment plans with interest-free payments!

Student City

Looking for a sweet spot for spring break, or a winter weekend getaway? This site has got you covered. This website will help you find package deals on flights, hotels and sightseeing!


This one doesn’t necessarily offer a student discount, but it definitely offers variety and a unique experience! The concept of Airbnb is that you get to stay in someone’s home and get a more personal experience than a hotel with a kind host who can tell you all about the local scene.

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