Spring Break Packing List

The Spring Break Packing List for Things You Always Forget


Spring break is one of the best times of the year for college students across the nation. Here is a list of crucial items to help you pack and prepare!

  1. Bathing suits (more than one…no one want to slip back into a wet swim suit)
  2. Sunscreen with at least 15 SPF (for both your face and body!)
  3. Your ID/license
  4. Portable phone charger
  5. Phone (although I am sure nobody could ever forget this one)
  6. A fun board or card game for nights you want to take it easy and stay in
  7. Extra towels for the pool, beach, or shower
  8. A speaker to play some music
  9. A book to read on the beach or by the pool
  10. Passport if traveling out of the country
  11. Comfy pajamas
  12. Comfy shoes for walking and exploring
  13. A nice outfit that’s appropriate for dinner
  14. A flashlight and first aid kit for emergencies (plus Band Aids for the inevitable blisters)
  15. Credit card/debit card/cash
  16. Makeup remover wipes
  17. Razor and shaving cream
  18. Body soap/conditioner/shampoo
  19. Some snacks for the car ride/plane ride (those peanuts on the plane won’t hold you over for too long!)
  20. A list of emergency contact numbers. Your parents will definitely appreciate this one!
  21. Any medications, vitamins, or pain relievers you may take
  22. Your favorite pillow and/or blanket
  23. Perfume/cologne (travel sized!)
  24. A camera, if you’re still old fashioned
  25. Extra socks…you can never pack too many socks
  26. Your glasses or contacts, especially if you are driving (don’t forget the contact solution!)
  27. Any ticket(s) you have purchased for a show, plane, or amusement park
  28. Dry shampoo (because who has time to wash their hair every day when you’re sharing a shower with five other people?)
  29. Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss
  30. If you plan to go skiing or to the mountains, pack warm clothes including hats and mittens
  31. Garbage bags or grocery bags to pack wet bathing suits and dirty clothes/towels
  32. Nail polish to touch up your nails before a night out
  33. Any clothes or accessories you think would look awesome on one of your friends - just to be nice!
  34. Aloe vera gel to relieve your sunburn (read #2 above to prevent this suffering)
  35. Hand sanitizer
  36. Some packaged water bottles so you don’t get sick from the water wherever you’re traveling to
  37. A basic car kit and spare tire if you plan on driving. Bonus if you or a friend has a AAA membership!
  38. Finally, most of all, a great attitude!

Wherever you and your friends decide to go for spring break, make sure that you stay safe and be smart! Have fun!

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