5 Signs a School Isn't a Good Fit for You

5 Signs Your School Isn't a Good Fit for You


Everyone’s college experience is different because everyone is looking for different things from a college. The thrill of getting an acceptance letter can blind you from doing the accurate research to confirm that the school is the right one for you. Transferring schools can seem daunting, but if the current school you are attending does not offer you all that you need then making the big change is worth it.

They don’t have your major

Sometimes your dream school just doesn’t offer your major, so does that still make it your dream school? If you can’t study the subjects that interest you at your college, chances are you shouldn’t be there.

The class selection is too small

Unlike high school, college gives you more freedom with class selections and course topics. Many times, you can explore many interests through courses and still have those credits go towards your degree that you’re pursuing.


You’re homesick or sick of home

You might make the mistake of picking a school too far away from home which leaves you wishing you had chosen the school closer to your hometown. Or you might have chosen the school closest to your hometown and wished that you had picked one as far as possible.

There are not enough extracurriculars

If you were involved in high school, a college with a lot of extracurriculars will allow you to adjust easily because you will have the opportunity to meet new people with your same interests. Student organizations add to your college experience by allowing you to become involved in groups that are related to your major and hobbies, while enhancing your resume.

The school is too big or too small

Large universities might make you feel as if you’re a small fish in a big sea. However, small schools might make you feel as if you’re back in high school where everyone knows everyone. Sometimes you need to venture to the other extreme to find your fit or find a school that is a happy medium.

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