Signs Why You Should Apply for the Job

6 Signs You Should Apply for the Job

When it comes to job hunting it seems like there are two extremes:

1. Applying for any and every job that could keep you from being starving and homeless.

2. Applying for no jobs because you're not sure if any of them are what you really want. If you're in the second box, I'm here to help you out. Here are six signs that this job is worth submitting a resume for.

Starting Salary

We're going to start pretty basic. Is the starting salary for the company one that is up to industry standard and would support your lifestyle? Is the base salary negotiable? Does it state that it varies on experience, and, if so, do you have experience that could potentially add to that salary? Think critically about the income that you expect, double check that it's realistic, and if the number you're seeing in front of you (or that you find listed online after some research) lines up, it passes the first test.

Employment Benefits

Does it come with employer sponsored medical? Does their medical include dental and vision? What is PTO like? Do they have retirement plans available to their employees? Even better, do they offer an employer match on those plans? Make sure that the benefits meet your needs. Especially if you're first entering the workforce, it's easy to overlook whether or not your new job comes with a 401k, but trust me it's incredibly important that it does.

Advancement Opportunities

Now that we've addressed the most basic financial aspects of this job, we're going to broaden that scope a bit. How quickly can you advance through the company? Is there room for both lateral and vertical movement (lateral=same level but different department, vertical=promotion)? How open to exploring other departments are they? Do they have coaching and mentoring built into their business model? Ask around, read some Glassdoor reviews, and get these answers. And if said answers don't throw up any red flags, you're heading in a good direction.


Job Location

This is another overlooked aspect of employment. Especially if you have a busy schedule, rely on public transportation, or live somewhere with awful traffic, knowing how "easy" it is to get to and from your work place is key. If it's in a city, is there ample parking? Would it take 2 hours by train? Will you have to walk a mile? Will that mile seem a lot longer during that one January blizzard that happens every year? Also, is the area safe? Will you get robbed walking to your car late at night? Will you even have a car left to walk to? Look into your commute options to the business's location, and check to make sure that the area is one you'd want to be in regularly for a year (or a lifetime).

Company Culture

Company culture is a make or break kind of thing when it comes to enjoying your job. Does this company have a reputation for being kind? Or do people see them as a greedy business, whose employees are looking for their next big cash grab? Remember that even though outside opinions are often exaggerated, there is usually a kernel of truth to them.

Employee Satisfaction

Time to pull up Glassdoor again. Take a look at reviews from current and former employees (try to make this an even mix, and take former employee ratings with a tiny grain of salt). Read what the employees have to say about everything from the pros and cons to their opinion of management. Keep an eye out for common pitfalls such as favoritism, difficulty promoting, uninterested management, etc. If you start to notice things being repeated to the point that they're probably true, ask yourself if these pitfalls are ones that would ultimately bother you.

If you've made it through all 6 of these basic checkpoints, it's time to type up that cover letter. Remember, often times, the only thing holding you back from an awesome new job is your fear that you'll be rejected. But guess what? You're awesome and you have nothing to worry about.

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