Signs You and Your Mom Are the Same Person

5 Signs You and Your Mom Are the Same Person

5 Signs You and Your Mom Are the Same Person

With Mother’s Day coming up very soon, I’ve been thinking about how much I am turning into my own momma. The older I get, it seems like we just become more and more similar.

Although turning into your mother might sound like a nightmare, it’s probably not be as bad as you think. Remember when you were a teenager, and everything your mom said was annoying, irrelevant, and totally unnecessary? Now think about a couple of years after that−remember how you grew up a little, and suddenly, you and your mom could relate a lot more?

Moms are a blessing, and becoming like them simply means that we’re maturing and learning more about life. If you think you’re turning into a mini version of your mom, here are a couple of ways to confirm it:

1. You’ve become a Crockpot queen

Okay, but have you seen how amazing Crockpots and Instant Pots are? I mean, you put a couple ingredients in there, then when you come back from class, you have a whole meal prepared! Mom was so right about these things, they’re great.

2. Cleaning becomes a stress-reliever

You know those days when nothing seems to be going well, then you come home to a dirty room and it just makes everything worse? Appreciating a clean space, and enjoying the cleaning process is something that I’d never thought I would like, but it’s surprisingly relaxing.


3. You appreciate your sleep, and nix the all-nighters

One moment, you’re out with your girls, having some drinks and letting loose after a long week. The next moment, you blurt out, “This was so fun, you guys, but I think I’m going to head out soon and get some sleep.” You used to be a night owl, and now you’re the first one to head to bed, just like Mom.

4. You put your whole life in your purse

Your purse weighs A TON, but you don’t even feel it anymore because you’re so used to lugging it around. In there you will find makeup, a wallet, pens, an extra outfit, your lunch, your dog, your pillow, and pretty much everything else in your apartment.

5. You always have snacks

You’ll never be caught with a grumbling tummy because you can always be counted on to be carrying a snack or two (or ten, you know, for those long days). Every time you put on a jacket, there’s a snack in the pocket. Whenever you decide to change out your purse, there’s snacks inside. Hey, no shame in being known as “the snack lady.”

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