How Having a Side Hustle Can Benefit Your Main Career

5 Ways Having a Side Hustle Benefits Your Main Career


Many people have a "normal job." This is what they do to pay their bills and take care of their family. Despite having stable employment, a lot of people still engage in a “side hustle” – something that, in most cases, is more in line with their passion and earns them money on the side.

There are so many different types of side hustles, from selling products as an independent distributor to picking up a part-time job on the weekends.

No matter the hustle, having one comes with a lot of benefits – even for your main career. Here are five:

It can help you network

You can use your side hustle to network and make connections that you can use in your main career. If you have a job that involves selling a product or service, networking is a great way to gain referrals. Word of mouth is the best way to advertise, and best of all, it’s free! So, make sure your side hustle allows you to meet new people who can help you make professional connections.

It can help you advance in your main career

Many of the people you meet from your side hustle can actually help you advance in your main career. You never know who knows who, so take every opportunity to talk to people and let them know what your present and future goals are. They may have a friend or an associate that can help guide you towards it! Some of the people you meet from your side hustle may also work in the same industry as your main job. Having good relationships with these people can even help you advance within your main field. Two birds, one stone!

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It’s a resume-builder

Your side hustle may be something that you can use on your resume if you’re looking for different (or more) work. For example, if your side hustle involves sales and the job you are interested in requires sales experience, you can use that to build up your experience on your resume. Even if your hustle doesn’t directly match up, it shows that you’re driven, organized, and creative.

You’ll make some extra money

Who couldn’t use a few extra dollars? Your main career may be something you truly enjoy, but it might not pay as well as you want. You can use your side hustle to supplement income from your main job so that you can continue doing what you love while still supporting yourself financially.

It’s a stress reliever

Your main career may be stressful. Maybe you’re always being given strict deadlines or have a difficult work environment. A side hustle can help you relieve that stress. For example, maybe your hustle involves fitness. You may find helping people exercise relieves your own stress, or maybe you teach a yoga class that requires deep breathing and relaxation techniques. This too can help lower your stress levels. Some may engage in volunteering or helping the community, which gives an increased sense of satisfaction. No matter the side hustle, knowing that you are engaging in something that benefits you and your family can relieve the pressures and stresses that are prevalent in everyday life.


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