Things Everyone Should Do During Senior Year of High School

9 Things Every Senior Should Do Before They Graduate High School


Graduating high school seems to take forever to arrive, and then once it does, it’s gone in the blink of an eye and millions of young adults are sent off into the real world. Preparing for college or whatever your next step may be can be daunting, but it’s worth it! Here are nine things every senior should do before graduation:

College visits

Get a glimpse into the college experience by taking a campus tour at a few of the schools you’re looking into!

See if AP credits will transfer

If you plan on taking AP exams, make sure to check with the schools you’re considering to see if they’ll give you credit for AP exams. Some schools may only provide elective credit or require a certain score in order to get credit.

Get a job

This one is less exciting, but the reality is, college is expensive! A part-time job in the evenings or weekends can make a great addition to senior year and prepare you for the stresses of college and working at the same time. Having a job also gives you real life “adulting” experience, and is a great way to get more experience on your resume. Make a good impression with your employer, and when you have to apply for internships or college jobs, you’ll have a reliable reference!


If you have the opportunity to travel - do it! Travel makes people well-rounded and provides amazing learning opportunities that may help you in the future. Take some time to travel – even if it’s just a weekend road trip – before the stress of college hits.

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Take career and personality tests

Learn about yourself! First of all, college isn’t for everyone, and that is something you need to decide for yourself. Taking career and personality tests can give you an idea of what you want your future to look like. College is all about exploration, however it is wise to narrow down your major interests to a few, as you will suddenly be bombarded with an abundance of course choices.

Learn healthy habits

News flash: dorms and apartments don’t come with a parent and a pantry full of food. If you haven’t already, practice cooking simple healthy meals; by the time you move out you’ll be a pro!

Join clubs

Getting involved in high school clubs will only help you be a better college student, and here’s how: programs like DECA and FFA give students real world experience in business, interviewing, public speaking, and leadership - all things that look great on college applications!

Extracurricular activities

Music and athletic programs are also a great way to develop leadership skills, and they’re fun! I was in several high school choirs and I loved it. My major has nothing to do with music, but I still treasure those memories and can apply things that I learned in choir, like teamwork skills, to my current classes.

Enjoy high school while it lasts

High school wasn’t my favorite part of life, but college has its downsides too; classes are WAY harder, and I live far from my family. Cherish the moments you have, make the most of them, and don’t get caught up in meaningless drama.


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