6 Schools Where You Can Take a Class on Popular TV Shows

6 Schools Where You Can Take a Class on Popular TV Shows

We all know that we would rather be binge-watching our favorite TV show than sitting in class listening to a lecture. Well, what if your homework for a class was to binge-watch your favorite show? Here are six schools where you can take a class on popular TV shows:

 Oberlin Experimental College

If you love biology and SpongeBob, Spongebobology is the class for you. The Experimental College is a unique student organization and a department of the college where students often teach the classes. The college offers courses not offered in traditional courses of study, such as Spongebobology.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

All honors students at this university have the opportunity to take Quality TV: From Buffy to Breaking Bad. The class takes students across several TV shows, such as The X-Files, The Sopranos, The West Wing, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and Sherlock, allowing students to compare the TV shows’ qualities to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Indiana State University

Introduction to the Great Works: “Lost” Literature is offered to all honors students at Indiana State. The class allows students to analyze the show Lost and identify literary techniques used throughout the show.

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Middlebury College

Students can take Sherlock Holmes Across Media as well as The Women of Game of Thrones. Sherlock Holmes Across Media allows students to compare Sherlock Holmes’s character development across the different types of media. In contrast, The Women of Game of Thrones allows students to analyze the role of women in Game of Thrones.

Ohio State University

If you hate doing research, this class might help you out. All first-year students have the opportunity to take MythBusters: An Introduction to Applied Interdisciplinary Research Methods. The class involves the showing of various MythBusters clips and the application of techniques used in the show to conduct scientific studies.

Mississippi State University

Extreme Medicine: Understanding the Medical Cases on “House, M.D.” is offered to all first-year students. The class allows students to examine medical cases presented in House, M.D. and discuss the probability and validity of each case.

Finally, if you are already in college and transferring to another university is not an option, check with one of your professors to see if you can request a similar class for next semester.