Rules for Texting a Girl: Don't Say These Things

8 Texts Girls Are Tired of Getting


1. “You’re so dramatic.”

We are not dramatic. The only reason we appear dramatic is because you’re being stupid and insensitive. We probably just need some chocolate, TBH.

2. “Chill” or “Calm down”

This is one of the worst things you can say while texting a girl. Nothing fires a girl up more than telling her to chill or calm down. I was maintaining my calm before you said that. Now you’ve really done it.

3. “Why do you have an attitude?”

Probably because of something you did. Maybe think before asking this question. Unless you’re purposely trying to give us more of an attitude. Which is also a bad idea.

4. “K”

This one gets you right where it hurts. You may not be trying to be rude, but there’s no way to read this without assuming that you’re being rude. It’s also a great way to shut a conversation down immediately. When a girl sends this text, she’s probably mad at you. When we receive it, how else would we interpret it? There’s a difference between “k” and “ok,” so if you’re not trying to start stuff, don’t be lazy. Add the extra letter.

5. “Ugh”

Almost as offensive as “k.” It’s a good indicator that you’re fed up with us. At least that’s how we interpret it, because that’s what it means when we send it to you. If you’re fed up with us, it’s probably safer to not reply and take a breath. You’re treading in some deep water there.

6. “Cool”

If we tell you something and you actually think that it’s cool, DO NOT respond with “cool.” That is the least enthusiastic and most disappointing way to respond to something we’re excited about or interested in. If we are excited, the best thing to do is be equally excited. If you can’t be equally excited about the clothes we scored at the mall today, then tell us we’re cute. It’s simple.

7. “Are you on your period?”

This is the equivalent of calling a girl a bitch while simultaneously patronizing here. So what if I’m on my period? (Not that you can relate.) This is a passive aggressive cop-out, and expect to called out on it. BTW, if I am on my period, I just spent $15 on monthly supplies and I’m having crippling cramps, so don’t even go there.

8. Any text that only responds to 1 of the 3 questions I asked

If you text a girl a series of questions they will answer every single one of them, whether they do it in a big paragraph or it takes multiple texts. When you text a guy a series of questions, they pick one to answer, and pretend that the other ones never existed. If I ask you three questions, I expect three answers. Or at least one answer that covers all the questions I asked.

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