What to Do if You're Struggling With Depression in College

Resources for College Students Dealing With Depression

Resources for College Students Dealing With Depression

Mental illness is a growing concern on college campuses. According to a USA Today article; “one in every 12 U.S college students makes a suicide plan”. Whether you are dealing with depression, or your roommate, or your classmate is- it affects you, and we all have an obligation to be aware of the available resources to improve the lives of those dealing with depression.

Medical Resources

• Campus Counselors

Find out if your campus has psychological services and counseling available to students.Many offer a certain amount of free appointments for students as well as other resources.

• Off campus doctors

Seek help. Find a therapist, or psychiatrist that you get along with and who understands your need. This may require you to search beyond your on-campus doctors.

• Suicide prevention lifeline


• Campus police

Understanding Depression-

Know the symptoms of depression and understand that there is help!


Academic Resources

• Tutors and volunteer note takers

Don’t be ashamed of missing class due to a mental illness. Hire a tutor to help you maintain your grades. Reach out to classmates for someone who takes good notes that can share them with you.

• Clubs

Get involved! It’s cliché, but getting involved provides students with friends who can support them in times of need and provide a safe and secure environment for them.

• Student Development classes

Take a class outside of your major that will improve your academic performance. These classes may include, career exploration classes, or classes that teach test taking strategies. These classes are meant to improve student life.

• Fun classes

Exercise is proven to release endorphins that make us happy! Obviously not all cases of depression can be healed by simply taking an exercise class, but it couldn’t hurt! Many colleges offer active classes including running, various types of dance, climbing, and other sports classes.

Technological Resources

• Meditation Apps

These may seem silly at first, but sometimes they really help. Technology can be used to make mental illness worse, but it can also be used for good!

• Put your phone to good use and use it to keep in contact with friends or family who can support you in this journey with depression.

As college students, we need to recognize depression and other mental illnesses not only in ourselves but in those around us! Learn how to help— what to say and where to go to improve the well-being of our fellow students. Suicidepreventionlifeline.org has resources both for those dealing with depression, and information on how to help those people. College is so hard, let’s help each other out!

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