Why You Should Take a Break From Dating Apps

7 Reasons to Take a Break From Dating Apps

7 Reasons to Take a Break From Dating Apps

You Don't Get Responses

What a great feeling it is when someone you like swiped right on you! What isn't a great feeling is when that person doesn't respond to your messages. It's not wrong for you to feel excited, but dating apps can have a negative effect if you get invested in every match you receive (or don’t receive).

Get Matched With Jerks

Receiving a lot of sexualized pick-up lines or crude messages can also get annoying, but just about everyone has gotten them. If this continues happening, it might be time to get rid of your dating app. Don't think of it in a way that these people are making you delete the app, but do it to save yourself from unnecessary abuse.

You’re Bored

If you find yourself using dating apps as a way to just pass the time, then you should reconsider. Not only are you wasting your own time, but you are putting your face, personality, and photos out there for no reason. Instead, use your free time to work on a hobby or improve your resume.

You Don't Have the Money

The time leading up to an actual date can be exciting. You get to ask questions, make jokes, learn about each other, and stay on the phone all night. But once the actual dating starts, you have to think about the money that will be contributed. Dating is expensive and if you don't think you are in a financially stable position for that, you should hit that uninstall button - until the time is right.


Take Time to Work on Yourself

The thought of being able to meet new people at your fingertips sounds like a great idea, especially if it can lead to some type of relationship. But before you continue swiping right, ask yourself if you are even ready to have a relationship or if you're on the app because it's just something to do. Sometimes it's good to hit that uninstall button and reflect on yourself, your life, and what your goals are before introducing someone else into the picture.

It's Comfortable

It's easier for people to interact with others behind a screen. Maybe you are the type who is shy in person and would never approach someone in real life. Or maybe you don't go out much to let yourself meet anyone. Dating apps can be convenient, but you should stop using them if you just want to avoid in-person awkwardness. The time you spend in bed swiping left and right could be a good night out with your friends. You never know who you may meet. And even if you don't meet someone on your first night out, get comfortable with yourself being out and talking to people in person.

It's Addictive

Dating apps can be addictive. It's just like playing a fun game on your phone. Being able to look at all the people out there who could be your potential match is exciting. Matching with someone can also be a great ego-boost, which is a good feeling. But if you find yourself using the apps for these types of feelings and instead of actually talking to anyone, it's probably time to take a break.

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