7 Reasons You Should Look Into Internships for High School Students

Why You Should Look for High School Internships Before College


Many students have the idea that internships are for college students looking for a door to their career or to gain experience for the future job they want. Sure, that’s what internships are usually for, but internships can be for high school students too! Many high school students like to find regular jobs over the summer or during the school year – but when you get down to it, "internship" is just a fancy word for job.

Check out these reasons why you should look into internships while still in high school.

Eliminate Career Options

When high school students begin filling out college applications, they most likely have no idea what they want to major in. They end up choosing something safe or staying undecided until further notice. Well, this can be different for you. Use your summer vacations to intern at places you may be interested in for the future. This gives you a head start in discovering what you want to do in life. Plus, It's better to eliminate options now rather than later.

Upgrade Your Resume

Interning in college is all about the experience you gain, which you then add to your resume, and then send out to employers. But you can get a jump start on that process now! Going into college with more than just clubs, sports, and babysitting on your resume looks impressive and will make you stand out above everyone else. Your professors and future employers will be impressed by your determination. Your high school internships can also be a great talking point in interviews.

Learn Pros and Cons

Besides just exploring your career options, interning early can help you learn about the pros and cons of the job you are interested in. You have the advantage to find out these things because you can ask your co-workers who are already in the field.


Gain Experience

Getting experience now will make it easier when you start applying for future positions because you will already have the skills required. Also, the experience may help you better understand your studies in college. You can compare what you've learned during your internship to the class material and even use your experiences as an example.

Make Connections

As you move up in your academic career, you'll learn time and time again that no matter what major you're in, making connections is important. Networking in high school is awesome because you are giving yourself more time to meet people. If you do end up interning somewhere you have a genuine interest, you can keep in touch with the employees and maybe land a job there in the future.

Find a Mentor

Finding a good mentor at your internship can be helpful to you if you need recommendations during your job search for other opportunities. Developing strong networking connections with your fellow employees can also come in extremely handy if you need any future references or career advice.

Opportunities to Advance

College students apply for internships with hopes that it will eventually turn into a job offer. Who says that can't happen for you!? Whether or not you receive a job offer right away, your foot is in the door. It's very possible to intern and land a job at the same company a little while later. Just remember: Don't break connections with people just because you don't see them every day. Keep them updated on your status and you never know, they may offer to keep a lookout for a job opening for you!

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