9 Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job

A new job offer can be exciting. But before you say yes or sign anything make sure you have a clear understanding of everything that comes with the job. Check out these questions to ask before taking a job.

1. Will I be happy with this decision?

It's very important to ask yourself if you will be happy working at the company in this position. Will your success be measured accurately and can you see yourself growing at this company? Or maybe ask yourself if this job is a good fit for your life right now. Whatever the case may be, ask yourself the right questions to determine if you will be happy working there.

2. Talk to current and former employees

If you know anyone who works or has worked at the company in the past, ask questions about the work environment and the people there. If you don't know anyone, there are tons of reviews on sites like Glassdoor where you can find the answers to your questions. Look at the company website, Facebook page, and profiles of current and past employees on LinkedIn. You'll get a sense of what you'll be doing and the type of team you'll be working with.

3. Salary and benefits

The salary and benefits you receive are very important to consider before taking a job offer. Make sure you ask all the right questions to understand these two things because you don't want to assume anything. Ask about benefits like health, dental, and a 401K program, and if you are eligible for them. Ask yourself if the salary works for your budget and if not, ask if it is negotiable.

4. What are the hours?

Ask about the work hours especially for the first day and first few weeks. Depending on the company, you might start a few hours earlier or later. It's also important to ask if the hours are flexible just in case of trouble with transportation or any other reason.

5. What is an example of a typical work day?

Ask this question to get a feel of what you will be doing throughout the day, when you'll take lunch, and who you'll be interacting with. You could be working individually most of the day or collaborating with coworkers.


6. Is there training needed?

If the position offered requires training, be sure to know how long it will take and if your salary changes during this time.

7. How much vacation and sick days do I get?

This question should be avoided during an interview but should be asked when considering accepting a job offer.

8. Is there a dress code?

Many company require a dress code and some don't. For interviews and maybe even the first few days of the job, you always want to dress business professional. After a while, you’ll see the pattern of what everyone else is wearing and you can then decide on your outfit choices. But it's very important to understand what the dress code is before going to work on the first day.

9. Is it okay to say "no"?

If you are asking yourself this question, the answer is yes. It is perfectly okay to decline a job offer if you've come to the conclusion that the job isn't a right fit for you.