10 Products That Will Make Getting Ready in the Morning a Breeze

10 Products That Will Make Getting Ready in the Morning a Breeze


In college, getting ready can be a real struggle. Whether you’re rushing to get to class because your life is jam packed with as many things as possible, you just want to sleep more, or both, these products can help make getting ready quickly a breeze!

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1. A Wet2Straight Flat Iron

If you have super thick, or long hair and/or a limited amount of time to do your hair in the morning, this is the tool for you! Never spend 20 minutes blow drying your hair again, simply dry your hair with a towel as much as you can and then straighten it!

2. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a LIFE SAVER. Whether you don’t have time to wash your hair or you just don’t feel like it today, dry shampoo will always be there for you to make day-two (or three or four…) hair look fantastic!

3. Tinted Moisturizer

Foundation and moisturizer all in one? Um…yes please! Why skip putting on moisturizer or foundation when you can apply them at the same time?

4. Face Exfoliating Brush

I LOVE these. I use mine after especially sweaty workouts when I have to hurry back to class and don’t have time for a shower. Clean your face in just a couple minutes. These brushes leave your face feeling refreshed and cleansed.

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5. Hair Cream/Heat Protectant

If you use heat on your hair a lot, this product is for you. It may seem contradictory to add a product to your routine when trying to save time, but with this product, straightening or blow drying hair will be quicker because your hair will be smoother from the start. Plus, it protects your hair from getting damaged from the heat of a blow dryer or a flat iron.

6. Colored Lip Balm

What’s better than regular lip balm? How about COLORED lip balm? Combine the style and sophistication of lip gloss or lipstick with the ease and moisturizing benefits of lip balm!

7. Makeup Wipes

These are great! I have used liquid makeup remover as well as these wipes, and these wipes are way faster and leave my face feeling SO clean!

8. Water Flosser

 Let’s be honest, we’ve all had that awkward moment when the dentist asks how often we floss. Never go through the old fashioned, tedious flossing process again. Use a water flosser instead!

9. Garment Steamer

Ironing…it’s is a struggle when you’re in college for a number of reasons: limited space, limited time, limited know-how. Forget all those worries about wrinkled clothes with a garment steamer!

10. Wet Brush

If your hair gets tangled easily, you need this! These brushes are specifically designed to detangle hair, saving you time as you get ready for the day!


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