Preppy Clothing Stores to Try

6 Preppy Clothing Brands You’ll Love

Preppy Clothing Brands You'll Love

When you think of prep, what do you think of? Argyle sweaters, cargo pants, polo shirts with the collar popped? I know I do, and we wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that. Prep, preppy, prepster - all these terms refer to the lifestyle and fashion choices of some of society’s elite. According to the Gentleman’s Gazette, preppy culture has been around since the early 1900’s, and consists of a distinct, upper-class sense of style, its clean cut, nautical, and high-class.

While the preppy lifestyle was popularized by children of Ivy League families with old money, it no longer is reserved for those with social standing. Over the years it has become available to the masses, associated more with a sense of self-confidence and an appreciation for nice things.

That said, here are some preppy clothing brands to help you look your best.

Lilly Pulitzer

Founded in Palm Beach, Florida, Lilly Pulitzer’s bold, colorful patterns make quite the statement. Each piece of Lilly Pulitzer you have in your closet is unique, bright, and inspires confidence.

Marley Lilly

Marley Lilly specializes in monogram products. Anything from key chains to wedding gifts to clothing, you can find it all with Marley Lilly…and personalized no less! The possibilities here are only limited by your imagination.

J. Crew

During my research, J. Crew was listed as a top brand for men and women, bringing to the table the best of both worlds. It’s an easy way to start your prepster young and maintain your same signature style as you grow. J. Crew believes in being comfortable in imperfection and breaking from the norm.


No outfit is complete without the proper pair of shoes. Enter Sperry, your go-to prep footwear experts. Possibly known best by its boat shoes, Sperry offers a wide variety of shoes for every occasion. You will not be disappointed!

Ralph Lauren

The polo brand to end all polo brands. Ralph Lauren does much more than polos, and while it is perceived as a predominantly men’s brand, it does offer a wide variety of clothing for women, kids, and even babies. And does it get more high-class than a preppy clothing brand that boasts four restaurants? The New York location is even called “The Polo Bar.” I mean come on.

L.L. Bean

It’s the boots that make L.L. Bean commonplace in a preppy wardrobe. It also offers a variety of stylish cold weather clothing that is a must-have, especially if you live in a cold climate. As with Ralph Lauren, L.L. Bean offers clothing for both men, women, and children.

There you have it! Whether you’re a veteran prepster, or seeking to break into the prep scene, these brands will help you do it. Now go and find confidence in your look and a new “prep” in your step!

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