How to Make Pizza in a Mug

Pizza in a Mug Is the Perfect Easy Recipe for College Students


Pizza. Almost everyone loves pizza. Whether you’re into thin crust, cheesy stuffed crust, cheese, pepperoni, or supreme, there’s a pie for everyone.

I like to spend a few moments of my day watching YouTube videos. (This is related, I promise.) My subscription list is mainly comprised of hair, fitness, and makeup videos; however, there’s a YouTuber who has caught my interest.

Liv B is a vegan lifestyle vlogger who posts videos predominantly tailored towards food. Her recipes look amazing, so I had to try some of them. Now, I am not a vegan - I do enjoy a good steak every now and then - however, vegan recipes are great for those who want to change up their diet occasionally, too.

One recipe that has stuck with me was Liv B’s mug pizza. What is mug pizza? A pizza you can make in a mug. When I watched the video, I thought to myself that this couldn’t be this easy. Her ingredients were limited and it took no more than five minutes. After watching the video a few times, I decided to try it out myself.

I made my way to the store and bought flour, baking soda, milk, mozzarella, olive oil, and pizza sauce. In her video, Liv also included baking powder (which I forgot) and Italian seasonings because she made her own pizza sauce. In the video, Liv combined the milk, oil, flour, baking soda, and baking powder into a mug and mixed them all until it made a dough consistency. She then went on to press the dough into the bottom of the mug until it was flattened and formed a crust. Afterwards she added the tomato sauce and her seasonings and then topped it off with vegan cheese shreds. She popped it in the microwave for about a minute and a half, and that was it! She had a delicious looking personal pizza made it the microwave.

Now, my pizza did not come out looking nearly as good. Maybe it was because I lacked baking powder. I also didn’t use any measurements; I just eyeballed my ingredients. I grabbed my favorite mug and put in enough flour to fill the bottom of the mug, and then some. I continued to add the baking soda, oil, and milk. It didn’t form a doughy consistency, but I figured it would still turn out okay. Once I had my “crust” - which was more like a cake batter - I went in and added the pizza sauce and cheese. I microwaved my pizza for a minute and a half and the result was…terrible. The crust had risen so high that it completely topped off the mug, and the taste was horrendous. I ended up throwing it all away.

A few days later, I went ahead and tried again. I still had the same ingredients, but this time I made sure to make a dough and form it into a crust on the bottom of the mug. Once I had my crust, I took the same steps and added the pizza sauce and the cheese. I microwaved for a minute and a half again, and this time my pizza came out a lot better. The crust was bland because I didn’t add any seasonings, but overall it was tasty for a microwave pizza made from scratch.

I have continued to make mug pizza the past couple of weeks. It is an incredibly quick and easy recipe for a busy college student. It will definitely be my go to recipe for lunch and dinner for as long as I can stand it, and no one gets tired of pizza, right?

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