5 Best Non-Toxic Nail Polish Brands

Have you ever looked at the ingredients on your bottles of nail polish? A lot of people don’t know that many popular nail polish brands include harmful chemicals in their products. In fact, nail polish is considered a household hazardous waste by the EPA. These toxic chemicals include formaldehyde, toluene, and camphor. The EWG (environmental working group) is an organization that rates the levels of toxic chemicals in various cosmetic products. To see their nail polish ratings look here. Several companies have started selling non-toxic nail polish:

1. Suncoat

Suncoat crafts non-toxic, water-based nail polish that can match up with the quality and functionality of traditional polish. Suncoat has the highest EWG rating possible (one), meaning it is of “low hazard.” They also create a variety of other beauty products.

2. Art of Beauty Company

Art of Beauty was established by Zoya and her husband Michael Reyzis in 1986. This company was one of the first to remove toxic ingredients like formaldehyde from their products and focuses on creating professional salon-quality goods.

3. Honeybee Gardens

This company, founded in 1995, sells all-natural beauty and personal care products. Honeybee Gardens does not test any of their products on animals. The Honeybee Gardens products I researched all rate one to four on the EWG website.


4. Acquarella

This company produces water-based nail products right here in the United States. Founded by a group of scientists as well as engineers, this company strives to provide healthy, non-toxic nail products. These products all rate one or “low hazard” on the EWG website.

5. Piggy Paint

This company is more aimed at children; a young mom started this business after seeing her daughters put their hand in their mouth after painting their nails. If you have kids, or maybe a nail-biting issue - you understand this struggle. Piggy Paint nail polishes all rate one on the EWG website.

If you already have a favorite brand of nail polish, check out their EWG scores. Many companies, such as Sally Hansen, carry some lines that have less toxic chemicals than others. Here’s to beautiful AND healthy nails!