5 Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Home

5 Mother's Day Gifts for the Home

5 Mother's Day Gifts for the Home

So Mother’s Day is coming up, and you totally remembered to make/buy a gift for Mom, right? If you’re a college student like me, then April and May probably make up one of the most stressful times of the year (yay finals!), so remembering things that don’t have to do with studying or exams can easily slip our minds.

Don’t worry, though, because Amazon is always there to help us out. Mom’s love to keep their homes clean, pretty, and organized, so why not get them a nice addition to the house? Here are five amazing Mother’s Day gifts that will be oh so great to add to their homes:

1) Roomba

Keeping a clean house is not always an easy task, so if you have a busy momma in your life (or one who isn’t a big fan of cleaning), a Roomba will be the perfect gift this Mother’s Day! Yes, it might be a little high tech for some of the old-fashioned moms, but I’m sure they’ll really appreciate a little help around the house …


2) Quotes on Canvas

I don’t know what it is, but moms love quotes. Don’t believe me? Get on Facebook right now and you’ll probably see a bunch of posts and comments about cute little quotes. If your mom is a “quote queen,” then a few canvas art pieces around the house are sure to make her smile. Amazon has tons of art options, and inspirational quotes for you to choose from!

3) Aromatherapy Diffuser

These products are absolutely hot right now, and if your mom hasn’t jumped on the aromatherapy bandwagon yet, get her a cute little diffuser on Amazon! They come in many shapes and sizes, with lots of different scents, like lavender or peppermint. Give your mom a little zen in her day with this Mother’s Day gift.

4) Sweet Picture Frame

Remember when you were little and you’d bring back art projects for your mom, and she reacted with a huge smile and displayed it for everyone to see? Well with a pretty frame and a cute picture of you and mom, you could make her a more grown-up version of a DIY gift.

5) Decorative Pillows

For the moms who love to binge watch HGTV, a few decorative pillows will make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Solid, printed, big, small, quoted, plain; whatever your mom’s style is, Amazon probably has it. So this year, bring out your mom’s inner interior designer and spruce up the house a little with these new pillows!

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