10 Mistakes Everyone Makes Freshman Year of College

10 Mistakes Everyone Makes Freshmen Year


I can promise you that freshmen year of college is one of the best years of your life. You will do a lot of amazing things, and some…not so great things. Here are ten mistakes you will probably make your first year.

1. Partying too much

Big shout out to anyone who had strict parents and were not allowed to go out in high school. Freedom can feel so good!

2. Failing or withdrawing from a class

College level courses are way harder than high school. The professors are not as lenient and chances are you will not get away with any slacking. Make sure you remember that the number one reason you are at college is to get your degree…not to party!

3. Gain a couple pounds…or 15

The “Freshmen 15” is a real thing. Going from healthy home-cooked meals to cafeteria food can be dangerous. Especially when it’s all-you-can-eat…who can turn down a dessert bar?! The good news is, there are tons of recreational sports you can join where you can stay active (and make some new friends!).


4. Trying overly hard to “fit in”

It can be nerve wracking to move away and start a new school with no friends. Make sure you are true to yourself and remember where you came from. People will like you for who you are; just be yourself!

5. Posting a picture on social media that your grandmother would not approve of

These days, everyone is on social media 24/7. A picture says a thousand words. Think before you post! (Or at least filter your privacy settings.) The majority of freshmen are under 21, so posting pictures with alcohol is a big no-no.

6. Not calling your family enough

Even though you have started this new wonderful chapter of your life, don’t forget about your family. Your mom misses you! Mail them a card or call them while you are walking to class. It will make their day.

7. Hooking up with someone you probably shouldn’t have

Just make sure you are smart and safe about it.

8. Not knowing what to major in so taking four electives a semester

This is a great until you realize you’re a junior who has not declared a major and taken 13 too many electives. Even if you are not sure what you want to major in, pick something to start out with so you get some main courses completed. For example, if you know you want to end up in the business field, take the general business courses offered.

9. Losing your dorm card key

It’s inevitable. Not much advice for this one.

10. Forgetting to go to church

This applies to all the religious folks who finally want to sleep in on a Sunday for the first time in their life.

Have fun, study hard, take lots of pictures, and most importantly - be safe!

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