Tips for Making Friends as an Adult

How to Make Friends as an Adult


We all remember how back in kindergarten it was so easy to make friends. You would see another kid across the room playing, decide you wanted to play too, and then bam! You two were besties for life. However, now you’re an adult and making friends is just so hard, right? Wrong! Before I explain why that statement is wrong, I’m gonna have to ask you to put aside questions like “but what about my crippling anxiety, what if I have a dull personality, how can you expect me to cheat on my dog/bed like that?” yeah, those questions. Just go ahead and put them aside.

Now that that’s taken care of, let’s go back to the whole making friends in kindergarten thing. The reason why it was so easy to make friends in kindergarten was because you kept it simple. You saw something you wanted to do, or someone you wanted to get to know, and you went over there and did it without judging yourself or anyone else. More simply put, you put yourself out there! And that, my friends, is the key to making friends as an adult. Now let’s talk about a few ways to put yourself out there.

Starting off easy, there’s always the option of meeting people online. This might be a little 2010, but you can go on Facebook, and start friending people who have a lot of mutual friends, and send them a message introducing yourself. There are also apps like Tinder and Bumble. Even though these are commonly known as dating apps, Bumble has a feature for meeting friends, and who knows, maybe you’ll meet a bae who has great friends who you’ll hit it off with, too! I have met quite a few friends, as well as my current boyfriend online, so it’s actually a great option… as long as you avoid Craigslist.

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Your next best bet for making friends is befriending your coworkers. If you’re really antisocial, this will work for you because you most likely have to talk to them anyways, and it’s not so bad, right? So, instead of having to put in effort to find other people to hang out with, just ask them! You’ll always know their work schedule so you’ll know when they’re free. Also, you guys will always have something to talk about if the conversation dies out. Just bring up that boss you hate, or that funny copier machine incident. Who knows, you just might get as close with your coworkers as Jim, Dwight, Michael, Pam, and the rest of “The Office” gang.

Another great option is going out to a bar (once you’re of age, of course). A little alcohol can help with nerves, and let’s face it! Drunk people are happy people, and happy people make great friends. Just make sure you wait to call them until after the hangovers subside. Hangovers can make people pretty grumpy, and getting into a fight is not the best way to start out your new lifelong friendship… well… you’ll probably have to wait until you’re both sober to find out if it’s lifelong or nightlong.

I know neighbors can be annoying, and maybe they aren’t your age, but neighbors can be beneficial friends because if you need something from them, they’ll give it to you if they like you...No… I didn’t just tell you to befriend your neighbors just to use them to your benefit… what are you talking about? You’re just crazy.

Lastly, it might sound crazy, but honestly just walk up to people and introduce yourself. Say hi to the person next to you in class. If you like to work out, get to know someone who is often at the gym when you are. Odds are they have similar schedules as you. The key is to simply find someone that you have something in common with, bond over that, and then see if you have anything else in common. The worst that can happen is it doesn’t go anywhere, or maybe you just get a workout buddy. However, it’s always possible that you find a lifelong friend. It only takes one second to change your life. Maybe you can change someone else’s too. You never know who might also be wishing for a friend!


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