Long Distance Relationship Struggles

Things Every Couple in a Long Distance Relationship Experiences


Every relationship has its struggles. When it comes to dating long-distance, the struggles only get harder - but, you know what they say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder!”

Wi-Fi issues

FaceTime and similar programs are a HUGE blessing in long distance relationships. However, it seems like the internet always slows down right when you need it to work, or you have a bad connection as soon as you start talking. Regardless, seeing each other through a screen is never quite the same as actually being together.

Friday nights alone

The struggle of Friday nights and weekends when you aren’t together. Do you go out without them? Do you stay home? Either way, you’re missing them.

Third-wheeling even though you’re not single

If there’s anything worse than being a third wheel, it’s being a third wheel who’s in a long distance relationship. No matter how much you love hanging out with your couple friends, when your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t there, it’s just not the same.

Being in different time zones

Adding a time difference of even an hour or two to a long distance relationship can make things really difficult. Not only do you have to deal with the regular relationship struggles of planning around school and work, but now you have to deal with life at two different times.

Working around schedules and driving/flying time

Trying to find weekends that work around both of your work/school/social/anything-else-we-do schedule can seem impossible at times. You often have to plan dates several weeks in advance.

The emotional rollercoaster

For those of us who need a lot of reassurance, long distance relationships come with a plethora of ups and downs; long phone calls, sad days, but also the happiest of reunions.


Plenty of time to plan things to do…but you never know when you can do them

Being apart for weeks at a time gives you plenty of time to plan awesome dates. Unfortunately, these dates usually end up getting crammed into only a few days and there’s never enough time to do everything you want to do.

You have to celebrate holidays/birthdays on different days

Along with a long distance relationship comes the reality that you won’t always celebrate your birthday or holidays with your significant other. Often these celebrations are combined at the next time you see each other.

The struggle of having separate lives

Typically, when you date someone, you learn their schedule, meet their friends, and two lives kind of become one. With distance, this process is nearly impossible. No matter how often you FaceTime, and travel to see each other, becoming a part of a life that is miles and miles away is never an easy task.

Just distance

Being far away from someone you love is never easy, however I believe the sacrifices we make to be with the people we love can create an even stronger bond between us.

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